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Tips on Content Marketing

Correct grammar and punctuation are important in all types of text and content. Grammar is also important in blog-based content, such as articles written within the scope of literary arts. Using language effectively and punctuation positively is a necessary element. The idea that blog-based articles can be written in a more comfortable and non-conformist format is not actually a valid idea, with some exceptions. It does not seem necessary to comply with this rule in blog content created for entertainment purposes and not for any commercial or corporate purpose. However, in blogs that are corporate and have specific advertising and marketing objectives, the correct use of spelling rules and punctuation marks is very important.

For example, in content marketing…

What is the Basis of Content Marketing?

In content marketing, the actually written content is read by the target audience and all other people who can read it. Taking into account factors that will directly affect the reader, such as punctuation marks, grammar rules, fluency and understandability of the text, positively affects the reader's ability to get effective results from the content.

The Power of Punctuation in Writing Content

Punctuation marks have the power to affect the understanding of the content positively or negatively. It's up to you to determine how it will affect you. Punctuation used in the right places increases the quality of the writing. Quality writing serves the purpose and creates an impact on the reader.

Not used in the right places; Unnecessary and exaggerated punctuation marks negatively affect the flow of the text. If a general unity of meaning is to be achieved in the text, it is necessary to use punctuation marks in the right places and in the right amount.

Punctuation marks used casually damage the integrity of the meaning of the text. These completely distract the reader from the message intended to be given in the article. It produces a result that contradicts the purpose of writing the article. As with most articles, the general purpose of blog-based articles is to impress the reader with the content of the article. An article in which the reader derives incomplete or incorrect meaning does not serve its purpose. The text becomes a pile of unnecessary words.

In order to avoid this risk, I would like to touch upon punctuation errors frequently made in content marketing;

  • There is no space between the punctuation mark and the previous word. For example; There is no space before the question mark at the end of the word. The word is immediately followed by a punctuation mark that ends the sentence.
  • There is a space after punctuation marks. After punctuation marks that do not aim to end the sentence, such as commas and semicolons, the following part should be followed by spaces and lowercase letters, unless a proper noun is involved.
  • Not leaving a space after using three dots is another common mistake. It is considered unnecessary to leave a space due to the abundance of points placed. In fact, after the use of three periods, a space must be left, as with other punctuation marks.
  • There are no spaces inside the parentheses. In other words, there should be no spaces immediately before and after the word after opening and closing the parentheses. However, a space must be used in the sentence that follows.
  • Using commas where necessary is very important for the integrity of the meaning of the text. Since it does not have a specific area of use, it is a punctuation mark that can be used at will. And it is one of the most frequently mistaken and misused punctuation marks. It has a feature that affects the semantic integrity of the text the most and changes it the fastest. Correct use contributes to the fluency of the text and allows it to serve its purpose.

It is possible to achieve success in articles written by taking all these rules into consideration.

What If We Made a Mistake?

As in writings written for literary purposes, marketing and digital Of course, it is possible to make mistakes in based articles. The important thing is to go back and fix it. In digital, which has a developing and updating dynamic, it is important to check and correct the error later.

Achieving efficiency in articles written by paying attention to all these elements is achieved extremely successfully.

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