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Cyber Security on Social Media: Love and Security Intertwined

Ah, social media… Our love and our nuisance! While social media adds color to our lives, we should not forget that we are on the radar of cyber criminals. It is essential to be careful in this digital world for both ourselves and our businesses. Social media platforms tell us “Come on, share!” Then cybercriminals say, “Okay, let's see what we can steal now!” he waits. We can reduce this risk by taking steps such as keeping our personal information limited and checking privacy settings frequently.
Ways to Stay Safe on Social Media

Keep Personal Information Limited

Social media The information we share in our profiles is valuable information that can fall into the hands of cyber criminals. You should avoid sharing sensitive information such as your date of birth, phone number, and home address. This information can be used in crimes such as identity theft or fraud.

Check Privacy Settings

Social media platforms leave privacy settings to users' choice. Checking these settings regularly is important to determine who can see your posts. It's also helpful to be careful when accepting friend requests and only add people you know.

Use Strong Passwords

Passwords are our first line of defense in the digital world. Using strong and hard-to-guess passwords increases the security of our accounts. Make it a habit to update your passwords regularly and use different passwords for different accounts.

But let's face it, it is not possible to make social media completely safe on our own. So much so that nation states have started to get involved in this business and are trying to protect society with new cyber security laws. How Does?

UK's New Cybersecurity Law: Goodbye “12345”!

The UK has taken an important step in cybersecurity by banning simple passwords such as “12345”. With this law, which came into force on April 29, 2024, the use of simple passwords became history. Strong passwords are now a must on all kinds of devices, from phones to game consoles. While Minister of Science and Technology Berry said, "We are determined to make England the bastion of online security," I was also thinking, "Well done!" So it came.

Response to Mirai Attack

This move is a kind of response to the Mirai attack that occurred in 2016 and disrupted the security of more than 300,000 devices. You know, the incident that broke out due to devices without security measures. That's why this step is so important! The Mirai attack revealed how unsecured IoT (Internet of Things) devices can pose a major threat. This measure taken by the UK is a big step to prevent similar attacks.

Other Cyber Security Moves of the UK

The UK hasn't just stuck with simple passwords, it's made huge strides in online security. The Online Safety Act, which received Royal assent on 26 October 2023, is designed to protect everyone, especially children. An obligation was introduced to manage illegal and harmful content. Additionally, sending unwanted sexual images, which we call cyber flashing, has also been deemed a crime. They banned the dissemination of obscene deepfake images. Come on, we can breathe easy now.

Online Safety Act

This law obliges digital platforms to ensure the security of their users. It is aimed to create a safer internet environment, especially for children and young people. According to the law, platforms are obliged to quickly detect and remove harmful content. In addition, protecting users' privacy rights and ensuring data security are among the obligations imposed by the law.

Lessons for Businesses

These steps hold important lessons not only for ordinary users like us, but also for businesses and brands. It is imperative that we strengthen our digital security strategies by taking inspiration from these pioneering movements of the UK. It is necessary to use strong passwords, make regular security updates and train staff on cyber security. Everything is in our hands!

Strong Passwords and Security Updates

Businesses should use strong passwords and make regular security updates to protect the information of their employees and customers. This provides protection against both internal and external threats. It is also important for businesses to conduct regular security audits and take precautions by identifying weak points.

Staff education

Cyber security is not only provided by technological measures; So staff training is a must. Training staff on cyber security ensures that they are more aware and prepared against possible attacks. Increasing staff awareness of threats such as phishing attacks and social engineering can significantly increase the security of businesses.

Conclusion: Let's Stay Safe

Social media and cyber security are essentials of our digital age. These steps taken by the UK are a good example for cyber security measures around the world. As both individuals and businesses, we can stay safe in the digital world by taking these precautions into account. Increasing cyber security awareness means a safer internet experience for all of us. Come on, let's stay safe in the digital world!

Keys to Staying Safe in the Digital World

  1. Use Strong Passwords: Use complex passwords that are hard to guess.
  2. Make Regular Security Updates: Make sure your devices and software are up to date.
  3. Protect Your Personal Information: Limit the information you share on your social media profiles.
  4. Check Privacy Settings: Determine who can see your posts.
  5. Train Your Staff: Make your employees aware of cyber security.
Ayça Özcan
Ayça Özcan