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Google announced 6 new artificial intelligence-supported features for Maximum Performance campaigns

Google Ads has introduced six new AI-powered features for Maximum Performance campaigns.

  • Customer Value mode: This new PMax feature in beta aims to help PMax advertisers using purchase conversion objectives to acquire high-value customers. New customer acquisition goals are now available for Search Ads 360 advertisers.
  • Customer retention goal: This PMax feature, also in beta, is designed to help you win back lost customers through the use of targeted strategies built on behavioral patterns discovered by artificial intelligence.
  • Detailed demographic information: Data on age and gender groups are currently being published. You will be able to find this in target audience analysis. It aims to help create ads that are better targeted to specific groups.
  • Budget pacing information: You'll be able to see real-time spend tracking, current and projected spend, and predict conversion performance. Google believes this will help identify potential areas for strategic budget changes.
  • Account-level IP address exclusions: PMax advertisers can now exclude specific IP addresses (e.g. your company) so they advert The budget wasted due to their interactions can be reduced.
  • Final URL expansion: This new PMax feature in beta allows you to test “whether replacing your final URL with a more relevant landing page on your website yields stronger results,” according to Google. “Participating in the ultimate URL expansion trial will split your traffic and allocate some of your budget to testing this feature and monitoring the results alongside your original setup.”

The launch of these six new AI features for Maximum Performance campaigns Google AdsIt underscores 's commitment to supporting advertisers with advanced tools and analytics that will drive success. Whether it's acquiring high-value customers, re-engaging lost customers, or optimizing campaign performance, these features give advertisers the capabilities they need to stay ahead in today's competitive digital landscape. Advertisers are encouraged to explore these new features and leverage them to uncover new insights and improve their overall ad performance and return on investment.