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UI/UX Development Process

We wanted to share with you our guide to shaping your digital experience.

Developing a digital product requires planning not only in terms of appearance, but also the user experience.
At work Istcode The UI/UX development process we follow as:

1. Discovery Phase

The first step that forms the basis of our projects is the discovery phase to understand the essence and goals of your business.

At this stage, we bring together the stakeholders of the project and organize workshops where all stakeholders such as business owners, managers, users and technical team share their opinions, suggestions and expectations. We clarify the purpose of your product, collect requirements, and lay the foundation for your project by creating a roadmap.

The discovery phase is critical to ensuring the success of your project and making it easier to achieve your goals.

2. Clarification of Requirements

Following the discovery phase, we begin a detailed process to create the final product vision of your project and finalize the project's requirements.

At this stage, we examine your project's requirements in detail, taking into account the perspectives of the business world, end users and engineers. Additionally, we create the strategic long-term work plan at this stage, which will help determine the progress and goals of the project.

Requirements clarification is a critical stage for determining your project's path to success and defining the exact requirements of the project.

3. Market Research

Another critical phase of our project is market research. Our professionals start by conducting market research and competitive analysis.

Understanding the dynamics and trends of the market is key to successfully positioning your business' product or service. We resort to qualitative research methods at this stage because it shapes many aspects of design techniques and is an important part of the product development process.

Market research provides information and insights that will help your business gain a competitive advantage. This is an essential step to ensure the success of the project.

4. User Interviews

We interact directly with users to shape our project with a human-oriented approach. This process, which is a step towards understanding the real needs of the user, forms the basis of the project. Through user interviews and empathy maps, we strive to better understand users' expectations, challenges and goals. This helps us gain a broader perspective and gain deeper insights.

Using design solutions, journeys and experiences, we imagine future user experiences and product usage processes. We shape the project based on users' needs and expectations, so your product provides a meaningful and user-friendly experience for your real users. This phase ensures that the project progresses successfully with a user-centered approach.

5. UX Design

The UX Design phase is an important phase that shapes and improves the user experience of the project. At this stage, the design team considers information architecture and other factors that affect user experience. We also use tools such as BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) to ensure continuous communication with stakeholders throughout all stages of the design process.

When creating design solutions, we emphasize both the expectations and needs of users and the corporate requirements of your business. This stage ensures that your product delivers a user-friendly, engaging and effective experience. Every detail of the design is carefully considered to make users' interaction with your product more positive and meaningful.

6. UI Design

The UI (User Interface) Design phase is a critical step that creates the visual identity and user interface of the project. All information obtained from market research and user needs is integrated into the color scheme, design elements and user interface of the product. At this stage, the design team works to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. We carefully consider every detail of the design so that users can use and enjoy your product comfortably.

As a result, we ensure that your product provides its users with an engaging, user-friendly and authentic experience. UI Design allows your product to gain a striking visual identity and enable users to interact effectively.

7. Testing

The final phase of the project, “Testing,” is a critical phase of verifying that a product that has been carefully developed from the beginning to the end of the project is truly functional and user-friendly for users. At this stage, when everything is in place, usability tests are carried out to evaluate how user-friendly the created interface of the project is for users. Users use the product in real-world scenarios and provide feedback along the way. These tests ensure that any necessary corrections are made if any errors or difficulties are detected.

It contributes to the successful completion of the project by ensuring that it provides a strictly functional, user-friendly and satisfactory experience for users. This phase plays a critical role in verifying that the project meets the actual needs and expectations of its end users.

Together we can challenge for rewards!

This process is just a few of the basic steps we follow to make your digital products user-friendly, effective and attractive. Centering users' needs and experiences when designing your products is the key to a successful digital product.

As Istcode, we are here to maximize the digital potential of your business!
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