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Artificial Intelligence That Can Produce Video: Sora

Artificial intelligence continues to take a larger slice of the cake in the technology sector day by day. The new artificial intelligence Sora was announced to be perhaps the biggest of these segments. One of the pioneers of artificial intelligence OpenAI Developed by Sora, it is a revolutionary tool that allows you to produce breathtaking and photorealistic videos with text-based commands.

What is this Sora?

Meaning "sky" in Japanese sora, a text-to-video converter model that can create realistic minute-long videos. In a post shared on the X platform (formerly Twitter), OpenAI says:

  • Sora can create 60-second videos. These videos may feature detailed scenes, complex camera movements, and multiple characters with vivid emotions.
  • The model can produce realistic videos using user-supplied photos or existing videos.
  • “We teach AI to understand and simulate real-world movement. “Our goal is to develop models that can solve problems that require interaction with the real world.”

How Can I Try?

Unfortunately, most people will have to wait a bit to try this new AI model. The model, announced on February 15, is currently being tested by the “Red Team”.

  • Red Team testing is a practice that detects system weaknesses and vulnerabilities by simulating real-world scenarios.
  • We're also gathering feedback on the model to make it most useful for creative professionals by providing access to a group of visual artists, designers, and filmmakers.
  • OpenAI CEO shared video examples created from commands requested by users on the X platform.

How is it working?

OpenAI aims to produce such technology with Sora How did he do it? Imagine that there is a tingly image on the television screen and gradually the tingling disappears and a clear image appears. Sora actually does this. Using “transformer architecture”, this special program creates videos gradually by reducing noise.

  • Users can guide the content of the video by providing text descriptions. For example, they can ensure that a person remains visible even if they are off-screen.
  • Imagine GPT models generating text from words. Sora does something similar with images and video instead of text. It splits videos into smaller pieces.
  • “Sora builds on previous research on DALL·E and GPT models. It uses the reannotation technique in DALL·E 3, which creates detailed annotations for visual training data. As a result, the model is able to follow the user's text instructions more faithfully in the produced video.”
  • However, the company does not provide any information about what type of data the model was trained with.

What are the Disadvantages of Sora?

OpenAI admits in its blog post that the current model has “weaknesses.” Model according to description:

  • He or she may have difficulty accurately simulating the physical properties of a complex scene and has difficulty understanding certain cause-effect relationships.
  • For example, a person may take a bite of a cookie, but there may be no bite mark on the cookie afterward.
  • It can also scramble the spatial details of a command (e.g., blending left and right side) and struggle with precise descriptions of events that occur over time (e.g., tracking a specific camera movement).

Sora's Features

  • Text to Video Conversion: Just enter text into Sora and a video explaining and visualizing that text is instantly ready!
  • Realistic and Creative Videos: Sora can produce high-quality and photorealistic videos. You can also add creative elements like animations and special effects.
  • Easy to Use: You don't need technical knowledge or skills to use Sora. You just need to enter text commands and let Sora do the rest.

Sora's Uses:

  • Film and Animation: It will turn the imagination of movie and animation producers into reality with realistic and creative videos.
  • Education: It will make education more interesting and effective with course videos, animations and other visual educational materials.
  • Marketing: It will strengthen marketing campaigns with engaging and creative videos to promote products and services.
  • Social media: It will increase interaction on social media platforms with fun and interesting videos.
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Sora's Potential Effects:

Sora has the potential to revolutionize the way videos are produced. Thanks to this technology, videos can be produced faster, easier and cheaper. It could also lead to the development of new and creative types of videos that were not possible before.

However, Sora's potential dangers cannot be ignored. This technology can also be used to produce realistic fake news and propaganda. Therefore, it is important that Sora is used responsibly and evaluated ethically.

Considering the opportunities and potential dangers offered by Sora, it is clear that this technology will play an important role in many fields such as video production, education, marketing and social media in the future.

Are you ready to explore this exciting world offered by Sora?