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What Was Most Searched For in 2023?

As we approach the end of the year, the list of trends of the year published by Google opens a window to discover what is talked about and arouses curiosity in the digital world of 2023. Seeing which issues are at the forefront around the world and especially in Turkey is beyond a search engine. It literally allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the society. With Google sharing the most searched titles of 2023, the list containing search trends around the world met with users in more than 60 countries in many categories.

Here are the Search Trends of 2023

2023 Search Trends

2023 hosted many popular search topics on different topics. This year has witnessed both tragedies and moments of beauty.

On the one hand, we have faced challenging events and tragedies around the world. Natural disasters, social and political turmoil, difficult struggles for humanity... However, the stories of solidarity and humanity shown in the face of these difficulties kept hope alive. People showed the power of supporting each other, standing strong and finding solutions together in difficult times. On the other hand, there have been many exciting developments in the world of culture and technology. Steps taken in the fields of art, science, entertainment and technology have created excitement about the future. Significant progress has been made in creativity, innovation and sustainability.

Turkey's Search trends of 2023 When we look at the lists, the earthquake disaster in February stands out clearly among the prominent headlines. This painful event has become a topic that reflects the deep feelings of the society and causes us to follow a quest. However, their efforts to show solidarity and desire to help in the face of these difficult times were also remarkable.

Another important event was in May. General Elections And Presidential Elections happened. The election process has become an issue that attracts public attention and sparks debate. During this period, candidates, promises and political developments were among the main factors determining search trends.

At the same time, current affairs, popular culture and daily life topics were also interesting throughout the year. People showed great interest not only in political events, but also in developments in daily life and trends in popular culture.

Topics of Turkey

Topics of Turkey

Turkey's Google There is a wide range of search trends. “Person names”, “those who left us”, “television series”, “recipes”, “zodiac signs”, “clothing suggestions”, “song lyrics”, “finding a place”, “how to”, “when”, “ Many topics such as "emotional state" and "license plate code identity" are among the topics that arouse curiosity in Turkey's digital world. In searches related to earthquake disasters, "where did the earthquake occur", "how does an earthquake occur" and "When was the Istanbul earthquake?Questions like " come to the fore. This reflects society's efforts to raise awareness about the earthquake and understand the risks. At the same time, trend searches related to the election process include “how to vote”, “when is the election?” and "where will I vote?" come to the fore. These searches show that participation in the elections has increased and voters' desire to vote consciously.

Internet phenomenon Taha Duymaz and our artists who we lost in the February earthquake Metin Uca, Özkan Uğur took his place in the searches. Icardi and the Kingfisher also managed to find a place on the lists in their own categories. In searches for trending lyrics of the year, lyrics such as Antidepressant, Aşkın Olayım and Bir Tek Ben Anarım came to the fore. On the other hand, "What to wear to a meeting", "What to wear to a concert?" and “What to wear when visiting family?” Trending search queries such as show interest in fashion and style issues.

Most Wanted


1) Sinan Ogan
2) Dilan Polat
3) Zaha
4) Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu
5) Muharrem İnce
6) Zaniolo
7) Icardi
8) Ali Yerlikaya
9) Hakan Fidan
10) Tete


1) Where Did the Earthquake Happen?
2) Where is Elbistan
3) Where is Gaza
4) Where is Morocco
5) Where Will I Vote?
6) Where is Masjid al-Aqsa
7) Where is Teknofest
8) Where is Jerusalem
9) Where is Akbelen
10) Where is Gökçeada


1) When is the Meteor Shower?
2) When is the election?
3) When is the Second Round?
4) When Will the Stock Exchange Open?
5) When Will Universities Open?
6) When will Seyyanen's raise be paid?
7) When Will the Election Results Be Announced?
8) When Will the TV Series Start?
9) When was the Istanbul Earthquake?
10) When is Natural Gas Free?


1) How to Perform Tarawih Prayer
2) How to Perform the Eid Prayer
3) How Earthquakes Occur
4) How does the election reach the second round?
5) How to Write a Pressure Gauge
6) How to Vote
7) How to Spell Sleepwalker
8) How to Write in Native Language
9) How to Become a Polling Officer
10) How to Buy a Tax-Free Phone

What we lost

1) Taha Duymaz
2) Metin Uca
3) Ozkan Ugur
4) Seda Fettahoğlu
5) Deniz Baykal
6) Erkin Koray
7) Burhan Çaçan
8) Merve Kayaalp
9) Matthew Perry
10) Mehmet Barlas


1) Kingfisher
2) Wednesday
3) Cranberry Sorbet
4) Family
5) Limitless Love
6) Shahmaran
7) Wild
8) The Last of Us
9) Dirty Basket
10) Your Soul Doesn't Hear


1) Antidepressant Lyrics
2) Energy Lyrics
3) Only I Understand Lyrics
4) Vague Lyrics
5) Ali Cabbar Lyrics
6) Magnolia Lyrics
7) Let Me Be Your Love Lyrics
8) Mockingbird Lyrics
9) Lento Lyrics
10) Maybe Lyrics

I am feeling…

1) I Constantly Feel Dizzy
2) I Feel Tired All the Time
3) I constantly feel like I need to go to the toilet
4) I Feel a Heartbeat in Your Abdomen
5) I Feel Hungry All the Time
6) Why Do I Feel Like There's an Earthquake?
7) I Feel So Lonely
8) I Feel Like I'm Going Sick
9) I Feel Sluggish
10) I Feel Worthless


1) The Most Unliked Zodiac Signs
2) The Saddest Zodiac Signs
3) The Cutest Zodiac Signs
4) Earth Group Zodiac Signs
5) Which are the fixed signs?
6) Stubborn Zodiac Signs
7) Zodiac Signs with High Aura
8) Feminine Zodiac Signs
9) Air Group Zodiac Signs
10) Fire Group Zodiac Signs

What to Wear?

1) What to Wear to a Job Interview
2) What to Wear in Spring
3) What to Wear during Umrah
4) What to Wear to a Family Reunion
5) What to Wear at 16 Degrees
6) What to Wear to a Concert
7) What to Wear at an Imam Wedding
8) What to Wear When Going to the Solarium
9) What to Wear on the First Day of High School
10) What to Wear Under a Black Shirt


1) Ashura Recipe
2) Güllaç Recipe
3) Acai bowl Recipe
4) Creme Caramel Recipe
5) Lalanga Recipe
6) Topic Recipe
7) Lubrication Recipe
8) Heart Cookie Recipe
9) Homemade Baklava Recipe
10) Şiveydiz Recipe

What Were the Most Trending Topics Around the World in 2023?

2023 World Search Trends


1) Barbie
2) Oppenheimer
4) Sound of Freedom
5) John Wick: Chapter 4
6) Avatar: The Way of Water
7) Everything Everywhere All at Once
8) Gadar 2
9) Creed III
10) Pathan


1) War in Israel and Gaza
2) Titanic submarine
3) Turkey earthquake
4)Hurricane Hilary
5) Hurricane Idalia
6) Hurricane Lee
7) Maine shooting
8)Nashville shooting
10) War in Sudan