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February 1, 2024

Xway Branding

As Istcode, we are proud of the branding work we have prepared specifically for Xway's airport transfer services. Xway is here to make your travel experience more comfortable and hassle-free and we have done our best to create their brand identity.


Who are we?

We, as the Istcode family, are known as a team specialized in creating brand identity. We are here to offer creative solutions by focusing on our customers' needs and expectations. We strive to strengthen Xway's brand identity and give them a unique digital presence.


Xway: Stepping into the Global Arena with Innovative Airport Transfer Solutions!

Considering the current challenges and needs in the travel industry, Xway uses technology to make airport transfer services more efficient and user-friendly. We designed a portal that provides easier and faster access to customers through smart reservation systems, mobile applications and digital platforms.

Getting started with a strategy that reflects brand values logo We designed and created a corporate color palette. Additionally, we strengthened Xway's digital presence with our website design and user experience-focused approaches. We have done all these efforts to ensure that Xway is recognized as a brand that promises reliability and comfort to its customers.

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