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2022 Digital Marketing Innovations

The power and importance of artificial intelligence will increase

in 2022 artificial intelligence supported influencer marketing will stand out. One of the rising trends among marketing campaigns recently is Influencer Marketing... Influencer marketing reached high financial values globally in 2020 and 2021. It is expected that influencers will be less costly in 2022 with artificial intelligence-supported publishing and measurement systems. In this way, it is expected to reach more people or provide marketers with more efficient solutions regarding their return on investment.

As virtual events continue, the trend towards hybrid events will continue to increase

Activities that went digital with the pandemic decreased as the effects of Covid-19 decreased and physical activities increased again. Events where people come together in physical environments continue to increase every day. However, there has been an increase in the tendency towards more hybrid events. While planning events, marketing actors use augmented reality and technology to create an immersive experience and influence the target audience. events featuring virtual reality technologies will give importance to it.

Data security will continue to remain important

Consumers are constantly exposed to multiple content anytime, anywhere. It takes a privacy protection or control-oriented approach over data. Third-party cookie protections will be phased out in 2022. As consumers can use the applications developed by Google, permissioned data is collected from consumers and different types of data are collected. CRM campaigns can be edited.

The use of data mining and data processing applications will increase

The constant flow of data coming from channels with different structures or dynamics or from target audiences in dispersed structures and the collection, classification, processing of this data and turning it into meaningful outputs and turning it into the right marketing campaigns will be prominent this year. digital marketing It will have an important place among the trends. Marketers should use customer data practices. In this way, they will create a more secure infrastructure and direct themselves to the right target with data mining.

Social commerce, social shopping and direct shopping via social media platforms will increase

With the pandemic process, the general consumer trend turned to online shopping. Shopping directly via social media platforms is becoming more common day by day. Many social media platforms have recently introduced new features to make the shopping experience easier. As an example of these new features, Facebook has launched the Facebook Pay or Facebook Shops option.