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2022 Social Media Trends

The world does not stand still, it is very possible to wake up to a difference every day and a new technology every day. Navigating change is difficult but also enjoyable. Transformation and innovation never ends on social media platforms, which have now become our identity.

Social media trends that change every year also affect digital marketing strategies. Thus, catching up and following current trends becomes a criterion for digital businesses. If you shape your brand according to these newly developing strategies, you can benefit your business greatly.

Let's examine the prominent items in the 2022 social media trends that are developing every day in a way that will contribute to your brand.

Keep Engagement Alive with “Story”

Users social media The place where he can see you most often on his accounts is the stories section. In 2022, stories are seen as an important part of marketing. User interaction and a very fast and advantageous way to return. There are plenty of surveys, questions and answers, tests, etc. in the story section of your social media accounts. You can keep the user active by using events.

Podcasts Increase in Popularity

Podcasts are also among this year's social media trends. In our age, people prefer to listen or watch instead of reading long articles. We can say that Podcasts, which increase their effectiveness on various platforms and reach more people, are one of the new dynamics of social media. Podcast reaches many users at the same time, both entertaining and contributing to people. It seems that podcasts will further increase their impact in the advertising field and maintain their importance.

Give a Chance to Newly Released Social Media Platforms

The dynamic is changing very quickly on social media platforms. Users who always encounter the same content turn to new and entertaining platforms. Applications that change very quickly and gain instant popularity can also be the new address for marketing. For this reason, new social media platforms that attract users will have an important place in 2022.

For example, it reached a significant number of users worldwide in 2021 and is among the social media trends of 2022. TikTokhas become a tool in digital marketing.

Social Media Advertisements Remain Important

Social media advertisements, which reach large audiences and are less costly than alternative advertising setups, remain important this year. Advert activities are an important tool for brands. Businesses that want to increase their reach or interaction rates organically; One should follow social media advertisements, which will be among the trends in 2022.

Influencer Marketing Maintains Its Place Among 2022 Trends

social media influencers It has become an important marketing tool for brands over the last few years. They began to be called "Influencers" due to their influence on people and sales. Influencers, which provide effective partnerships for all brands, from small to large, are one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. Influencers are categorized as micro, macro or nano. Influencer marketing seems to continue its impact for several more years.

Attract Users with Reels and Video Content

An effective video that is not long and conveys the message clearly is the right way to impress the user. It is very important that the video you will prepare is creative, original and entertaining. The cover photo you choose for the video is also important. Image social media It must be accurate and effective for users to click and watch the video. First impressions are important in this matter, as in everything else.

In social media trends that are rapidly increasing and changing every year, in order to add value to your brand or increase your interaction rates with the right management; Providing 360-degree agency services that improve consumer experiences Istcode Digital Agency You can plan digitally with .