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A New Step in Metaverse Communication: Meta World Chat

The digital world is becoming increasingly complex and new ways are constantly being sought to increase social connections. Meta continues to advance social elements in metaverse communication with its latest innovations on the Horizon Worlds platform. Meta introduced a feature it calls “World Chat” to provide another way for users to interact in virtual reality. This feature further enriches the social dimension of the metaverse, allowing users to communicate with each other more easily.

What is World Chat?

world chat

World Chat, Horizon It is a text-based messaging feature offered to users in the environment. Thanks to this feature, users can chat, message and create groups with other people. Users click on a person's name to view their profile and connect with and follow them. They can also use the @mention feature to mention other users in the same universe. World Chatis a complementary communication flow that is offered in addition to existing voice chat elements. It aims to provide more connections in the virtual world.

Metahas added a number of security elements to ensure the World Chat feature is a safe and comfortable experience for users. For example, VR Code of Conduct Measures are taken, such as proactive scanning and removal of violating messages. Additionally, users have the option to turn off or limit their communications if they wish. However, it is also taken into account that this new communication feature may be open to potential misuse and attacks. Meta takes precautions to protect users from exposure to undesirable situations and increases user controls.

Although for many people the metaverse universe is seen as a completely virtual world, Meta's World Chat features enable real-life social interactions to be transferred to the digital environment. For example, it becomes much easier to chat with those around you while watching a concert or playing a game. This allows people to come together, form new friendships and interact with people who share common interests.

User Control with Security Measures

world chat-what is it

However, it should be kept in mind that such a communication platform may be open to malicious use and harassment. Meta, users In VR experiences It implements predefined user controls to ensure protection from unwanted attention. For example, with options such as a blurred chat setting, users can limit their ability to view messages from people they do not know. Such measures ensure that users feel safe and avoid unwanted communications.

World Chat like metaverse Communication features have the potential to provide greater connection and interaction in the virtual world. Meta's goal is to provide its users with a richer, interactive and meaningful virtual experience. These new communication features better align with users' preferred interaction methods. It also aims to create a safer environment among users.

As a result, Meta's metaverse communication features like World Chat are important steps to strengthen social connections in the digital world. Such innovations enable people to come together in a single virtual environment instead of interacting on different platforms.

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