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What is B2B, B2C, C2C?

There are many terms and concepts in the marketing world that are unknown. Most of the time, these concepts may seem complicated and difficult to understand due to their names. In particular, some terms and business models may seem numerical. For example, B2B, B2C or C2C…

These concepts may seem like part of an equation or a numerical formula at first glance. But it has no numerical meaning! Let's learn the meanings of these terms that belong to the field of marketing and describe business models...

What Do B and C Represent?

Before explaining the terms one by one, let's explain what the letters B and C in the abbreviations are, or rather what they represent.

The letter B means "businessComing from the word "", it means "business", or when we translate it into Turkish, we can say that it describes the seller company, the supplier company, to make it more logical.

The letter C comes from the English word "customer" and represents the customer.

The three different combinations of these two letters have different meanings.

What is B2B?

As we explained above, the letter B represents work. Hence, B2B is a word that represents business activity between companies. The work, trade and strategy between two companies B2B well “business to business” phrase is included in marketing. Here, the customers of the companies are again a different company.

What is B2B? While thinking about this, you may think that you are making a production, but you are not responsible for the sale of that product and you are selling it to a different company to sell the product. In other words, you have a business relationship not with the end user, but with the channel leading to the end user.

What is C2C?

Here too, unlike B2B, there is a consumer-to-consumer business model. Consumers market platforms It is possible to establish commercial communication with different consumers using it. Today, many e-commerce sites can be examples of this business model. Also via social media platforms C2C We can see that the business model is used effectively. Consumers can reach consumers by creating their own strategies.

C2C business modelSince it is a business model that includes sustainable living, we see that consumers use this method more frequently today.

Cupboardwardrobesletgo etc. E-commerce sites/applications are among the applications that can be examples of the C2C business model.

What is B2C?

What we call from company to consumer in Turkish B2C, in full expansion “business to costumer” is included in marketing. Let's imagine that everyone in society is a consumer. The most functioning model in the world B2C model We can say that it is. In the B2C business model, it is done by targeting the end consumer. Every area where you make individual purchases, from markets to stores and shopping malls, is covered by B2C.

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