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Google Will Give Importance to Content Instead of SEO with its Update

With the latest update, Google stated that it will highlight original content instead of SEO-focused content. The benefit created by this update is revealed for the user. Google aims to provide users with direct access to the answer to the question they are searching for. The new update is going live as of next week.

Original Content Will Stand Out Instead of SEO

One of the world's largest and most preferred companies Google from search engines, said that it will focus on user benefit with the latest update it announced. According to the information announced on the official blog page,SEO in Google search resultsHe announced that he will not focus on . Instead, he will highlight original content by considering the benefit of the user.

The company says that through its tests, clickbait is a bad experience for search engine users. Google thinks that with this update, users' search experiences will be better than ever.

Is the SEO Era Ending?

To date, website and blog pages SEO compatible content The businesses that entered were at the top of the search results. We know how important SEO is for businesses that want to achieve success. Google's new update brings the following question to mind. While technologies that go as far as artificial intelligence have come out to make SEO easy and compatible. SEO Is its era now over?

According to the statement made by Google, the new update will benefit users. The user will directly find the answer to the question he/she is curious about. Original sentences and original content will come to the fore with the update. Content created with stolen sentences will be pushed to the background on Google. To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) High-scoring, non-original content prepared according to this method will be replaced by original content.

But we still don't think SEO will disappear completely. With this update, people who produce content for websites and blog pages will have to work harder. Content producers or businesses will need to strive for more detailed and original content.

We can say that a process will begin in which content writers will need to think more and reduce quotations. The company stated that the updates will be rolled out globally starting next week, starting with English users of the search engine. We are eagerly awaiting the results of this update, which Google thinks will provide maximum benefit for the user.

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