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How Should Our Social Media Content Be During the Holiday Period?

Eid periods, special time periods where people come together and spend time with their loved ones, and happiness and solidarity increase, are increasing. These periods also present an important opportunity for brands because they provide the opportunity to directly reach potential customers and existing followers through social media. This is a tremendous time for brands, especially those in the retail industry, to increase their sales. Of course, everything has its dose, one of the things that brands should pay attention to here is not to bore the end user. Using the exposure method when planning our content on social media platforms can be tiring for the end user. This situation increases the rate of periodic loss of followers on our brand's social media accounts.

There are some important points that brands should pay attention to when using social media during the holiday period. Let's examine these important points together.

Create Content Appropriate for the Holidays: During the holiday period, brands' posts should be in line with the holiday themes. For example, images, videos or animations that reflect the enthusiasm of the holiday can be shared. However, make sure that these contents are compatible with your brand's identity. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will hear the expression 'oh, what does this have to do with this' from your users.

Improve Communication: The festive period provides an opportunity for brands to strengthen communication and establish emotional bonds with followers. Celebrate the holiday of your followers by establishing a sincere, sincere and sensitive communication with them and reflect your holiday messages in your content. Include real stories to establish an emotional connection. For example, you can share content that includes your brand's social responsibility projects or employees' holiday experiences.

Participate in Social Responsibility Projects: Holidays are times when the spirit of cooperation and solidarity is experienced intensely. Brands can also support society by participating in social responsibility projects during this period. These projects social media You can ensure the support of your followers by announcing it on your accounts. Reflecting that your brand is sensitive during these periods increases the likelihood of it remaining in users' minds.

Organize Events and Campaigns: Bayram dönemi, indirimler, kampanyalar ve özel etkinlikler için harika bir zaman dilimidir. Müşterilerinizi özel tekliflerle veya sürpriz hediyelerle mutlu ederek marka sadakati oluşturabilirsiniz. Bu kampanyaları sosyal medya hesaplarınızda duyurarak katılımı artırabilirsiniz. Örnek olarak, “Bayram Alışverişine Özel %20 İndirim” gibi bir kampanya başlığıyla paylaşım yapabilirsiniz. Zaten markanızdan alışveriş yapacak olan bir kullanıcı için bir ürün daha alma olasılığını artırmış olursunuz. Yalnızca bayram öncesi sürekli aynı kampanya içeriklerini paylaşmayın. Farklı kampanyalar ile dikkat çekin, kullanıcılarınız farklı içerikler gördüğünde ilgisi o yöne doğru evrilecektir fakat aynı kampanya ile sürekli karşılaştığında sosyal medya hesabınızı takip etmeyi muhtemel en kısa sürede bırakıyor olur.

Follow Trends: Holidays often revolve around specific themes. For example, during Ramadan Feast, issues such as iftar tables and gift shopping come to the fore. By following these trends, you can shape your content around these topics and attract the attention of your followers. If your brand is not suitable for holiday content, for example, you have a shoe brand and you want to share a different content, be careful not to let this social media content be a recipe! Instead, it would be a very appropriate strategy to share your Eid celebration message and your campaigns if you have them specifically for the Eid.

Consider the Use of Hashtags Well: You can increase the visibility of your brand by using hashtags created especially for holidays. When using these hashtags, be careful to be compatible with your content and timed correctly. It would be appropriate to add hashtags such as #RamazanBayrami to the text part of your holiday image.

Pay Attention to Follower Feedback: Take into account your followers' comments, suggestions and feedback during the holiday period. To increase customer satisfaction, respond quickly to questions and take steps to resolve problems when necessary.

There is no harm in sharing your Eid posts on the eve and the first day of the eid. Sharing only on the day of Eid brings out the excitement of your brand and also prevents it from getting lost among the millions of posts that will be shared on the Eid day.

As a result, brands' use of social media during the festive season should focus on responsiveness, content diversity, interaction and customer satisfaction. With the right strategies, you can establish a strong bond with your followers by representing your brand in accordance with the holiday enthusiasm. While you are careful not to overshare, do not say that we have forgotten the existence of our brand.

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