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Competition Board Announced: Threads is Being Closed!

Threads, which was recently introduced by Instagram and made a big splash, has become the favorite social media application of many Instagram users, but in its latest statement, the Competition Board announced that it will temporarily close Threads.

“Threads” is a feature offered by Instagram and essentially allows Instagram users to have more private and focused communication with their friends. Threads is an extension of Instagram Direct and is designed specifically for communicating with closer friends. This platform, which is a competitor to X and can be used thanks to Instagram, is temporarily closed in Türkiye.

Threads app works integrated with your Instagram account and allows you to create a chat room by selecting your friends or specific people on Instagram. These chat rooms allow you to interact more closely with specific people. Threads are primarily focused on visual content, meaning you can easily share and quickly respond to photos and videos.

Threads also offers a feature that allows users to quickly share their status (for example, where they are or what they are doing). This way, users can instantly forward their status that they want to share to specific friends or to a specific group.

You can access the Threads application by searching the search engine on your computer as well as on your mobile device. website You can log in by visiting.

Basic steps to use Threads:

Download Threads from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and then log in with your Instagram account. On first login, Threads will require your Instagram account credentials.

Then add your friends using Threads. For this, you can use your friends list on Instagram or add people manually.

To start a chat, select one of the friends you added and start sharing content such as text, photos or videos. You can share up to 500 characters of text per message, and you can also send links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long.

You can share your instant statuses using status updates, one of the features offered by Threads. For example, you can state where you are or what you are doing. In this way, you can establish a closer communication with your friends.

By using Threads regularly, you can have a more private and focused communication with your friends and have a different experience than the general flow on Instagram. Threads serve as a tool that allows Instagram users to engage in more private and focused communication. Following the Competition Board's decision, the Threads team made a statement to inform users that the platform will be closed:

Within the framework of the temporary injunction decision taken by the Turkish Competition Authority, they said that they will temporarily suspend the Threads service in Turkey as of April 29, but the use of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other services connected to Meta in Turkey will not be affected.

They mentioned that they understand the users who actively use Threads in Turkey and are aware that it is a sad situation for their community in Turkey by taking the necessary steps to minimize possible negativities for them. 

Threads users in Turkey will be informed about this situation through the application before April 29. Additionally, Threads users will be able to freeze or completely delete their profile information. Users who have frozen their profiles will be able to see their old interactions again when Threads returns to Turkey.

The Competition Authority has taken an interim decision banning data sharing between Instagram and Threads. Stating that this decision of the Competition Authority left no option other than suspending Threads in Turkey, the Threads team said that they continue their communication with the Competition Authority and hope to offer Threads to users in Turkey as soon as possible.

The Competition Board's statement is as follows:

According to the decision taken by the Competition Board, META Platforms, Inc. was investigated in the investigation launched last month on suspicion of abusing its dominant position by combining Threads and Instagram applications. An interim injunction was issued against (META).

According to the board's statement, META's Threads profile, which is integrated with Instagram accounts, combined users' data without providing users with a consent option, was considered to be capable of causing irreparable damage until the investigation was completed. At the same time, it was stated that META's extensive data accumulation, as it has been actively in the market for many years, and the size and diversity of the company's user base, make META services attractive for advertisers.

In the Board's statement, it was emphasized that this situation allowed META to allocate more resources for service development and made it difficult for competitors to access financial resources, therefore META's activities created an entry barrier in the market. It was also stated that META operates as an ecosystem with basic services and related services and can transfer the power gained from each service to another service, thus increasing its market power.

In addition, it was previously determined that META complicates the activities of its competitors and creates an obstacle to market entry by combining the data it collects from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services. It was also reminded that the Board imposes certain obligations within this framework.

To examine the Competition Board decision in detail You can click.