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How to Gain Organic Followers on Social Media?

Strategies created to get the most out of social media use are divided into two. There are two strategies you can use to capture users' attention, drive traffic to your accounts and increase interaction: organic and paid strategies. Organic and paid social media strategies can both be important and effective, but which one is more ideal depends entirely on your goals and budget. The ideal strategy is often achieved by using a balanced use of these two approaches. You can read the rest of the article to find out and compare which one will be more suitable for you.

Organic Strategy:

      Organic social media strategy is a strategy that aims to grow your follower base and increase engagement naturally, without using advertising or paid methods, compared to a paid strategy. Users discover you spontaneously and the feedback received by users who review your account and are affected by your target audience is mentioned. Here are the basic steps to using the organic strategy:

      Goal Setting:

      • Determine what goals you want to achieve: Do you want to increase the number of followers, increase engagement, increase brand awareness?

      Knowing Your Target Audience:

      • Know the demographics of your target audience (age, gender, location, etc.).
      • Analyze details such as interests, shopping habits, online behavior.

      Creating Valuable Content:

      • Create content that suits the interests of your target audience.
      • Share educational, entertaining, inspiring or informative content.
      • Provide variety by using different content formats such as images, videos and text.

      Regular and Planned Shares:

      • Share content regularly according to a specific schedule.
      • Maintain the quality and consistency of your posts.

      Interaction and Communication:

      • Interact with your followers, reply to comments and answer questions.
      • Join relevant groups and participate in conversations. Get closer to your audience.
      • Build a strong community by communicating directly with your followers.

      Hashtag Usage:

      • Use hashtags that are compatible with your content and discoverable.
      • Reach your content to large audiences by following trending or popular hashtags.

      Analysis and Improvement:

      • Monitor your content performance regularly using social media analytics tools.
      • Identify the best performing content and improve your strategy by analyzing the features of these content.

      Organic strategy requires a long-term approach and can take time, but you can increase the quality of your follower base by regularly engaging with the right and valuable content. You can stand out in the algorithm by sharing regularly. It's also important to communicate directly with your followers and take their feedback into consideration.

      If collecting the organic audience over time and interacting regularly to reach your target audience is not suitable for you, another option you can apply is a paid strategy. 

      Paid Strategy:

        Paid social media strategy aims to reach your target audience faster and more effectively by advertising on social media platforms or using sponsored content. You can choose your target audience and make promotions to attract their attention and get in front of them. Let's look at the basic steps of using the paid strategy:

        Setting Goals and Knowing Your Target Audience:

        • Determine what goals you want to achieve: increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, website Like increasing your traffic.
        • Determine the demographic characteristics, interests and online behavior of your target audience.

        Choosing the Right Platform:

        • Determine which social media platforms your target audience actively uses.
        • Choose the most suitable platform among platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

        Setting Advertising Goals:

        • Determine the purpose of your ads: raising awareness, increasing interaction, promoting sales, etc.
        • Create advertising strategies that meet the goals you set.

        Determining Target Audience and Segmentation:

        • Determine the audience you want to show your ads to.
        • Segment your target audience according to factors such as demographic characteristics, interests, behavioral characteristics.

        Creating Advertising Campaigns:

        • Create eye-catching ads with visual or video content.
        • Use relevant and attractive title and description.

        Budget and Schedule:

        • Determine your advertising budget and control spending on a daily/weekly basis.
        • Determine your timing strategies by analyzing at which hours and on which days your ads are more effective.

        Analysis and Improvement:

        • Monitor and analyze your ad performance regularly.
        • Evaluate your advertising effectiveness with metrics such as user interaction rates and conversion rates.
        • Make improvements by re-evaluating your advertising strategies and target audience based on data.

        Instagram offers many features to advertisers with the strategies it has created for paid advertisements. You can advertise by shaping your ads in accordance with your budget, among options regarding your advertising duration, your target audience, and what type of promotion you want.

        Let's examine the types of advertising available on Instagram and look at the advertising fees:

        • Post Ads: This ad type allows brands to run your organic posts as ads. Post ads often appear in users' news feeds, and pricing can be per ad impression or per click.
        • Story Ads: These are advertisements in Instagram stories. Stories ads appear in users' Stories feeds, and pricing can typically be per ad impression or per click.
        • Explore Ads: These are advertisements that are among the content recommended to users in the Instagram Explore section. Pricing may be per ad impression or per click.
        • Guide Ads: These are ads located in the Instagram Reels section. They appear among Reels content and are usually presented in the form of short and impressive videos. Pricing may be per ad impression or per click.
        • Profile Visit Ads: Profile visit ads often appear in users' news feeds or stories and may include leading links to brands' profile pages. Pricing may be per ad impression or per click.

        As for the pricing, on average the cost is 00-8.0956 TRY per click and 00-129.5288 TRY per 1000 impressions. Your cost may vary depending on your advertising budget, type, and how much exposure you want on social media. On average, the cost per interaction in Instagram ads can be between 0.9715-2.5906 TRY. 

        A paid strategy can get you results faster, but correct targeting, eye-catching content and analysis are important to be effective. Always your ad performance You can increase success by monitoring and optimizing your strategies.

        The ideal strategy is usually achieved through a balanced use of organic and paid strategies. For example, while you engage your audience with organic content, you can reach larger audiences or achieve specific goals with paid ads. When determining your strategy, it is important to strike the right balance by taking your goals, target audience and budget into consideration. Moreover, social media Continuously optimizing your strategy using the analysis tools offered by the platforms is also an important step for success.