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How to Write an SEO Compatible Article?

SEO work is not as easy as pronouncing its name. The originality of the article you will prepare, your knowledge about the subject, the right keywords you choose, creative titles, etc. Many elements are important for SEO. There are several points you need to pay attention to for the article you will write.

Let's learn what SEO is, which we define as search engine optimization, which allows you to rank high in search results, and how to write appropriate articles for it.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization for the Web

As in many areas today, the heart of marketing now beats digitally. A properly prepared marketing content takes you from point A to point B quickly. Even as technology develops, some dynamics do not change. As in traditional media, language, words, spelling and content are very important in New Media tools.

We can explain the importance of SEO with a short example. You went to a company for a job interview and realized that the lobby was very crowded. You are wearing a black suit like everyone else. If you can make yourself noticed, you are likely to get the job. The most accurate and legal move you make will make you different from everyone else and move you to the front of the queue.

Search engine optimization provides exactly this for the content you will prepare for the web. It filters you among your competitors, from the topic you choose to your keywords, and carries you to your intended point with an organic result.

What is an SEO Compatible Article?

SEO compatible article It is an optimization work that will increase your visibility in web searches. An article, article or blog you prepare in this way will help you rank better in web searches and reach users more easily.

How to Write an SEO Compatible Article?


To increase your traffic with SEO compatible articles digital agencies You can work with them or learn the criteria and do it yourself. Search engine optimization The article you write should be at least 300 words and should be the result of good research. We have researched many criteria required for your SEO compatible article for you. It will increase the success of your optimization efforts and bring you forward on Google. important SEO items We compiled it for you.

  • Original, Original Content

If you copy from the websites you examine while researching a particular subject for the subject you will prepare, this will not be the right step for the result you want. It is an important criterion that your content and especially your sentences are original and unique. It is also very important that you have knowledge about the topics you want to write about along with your content and that you can explain it well. Using different examples in a different bracket about a known topic will also take you to the top of the web pages.

  • Keywords

Remember that keywords are one of the biggest factors in helping your article reach the reader. Therefore, doing keyword research before writing your content would be a good start. You can review articles on the same or similar topics and get inspired by the keywords there. The sentences you prepare using keywords should be meaningful and proportionate, so that you do not bore the reader and keep them in the article.

  • Spelling Rules

As we said at the beginning, no matter how much technology develops, some dynamics do not change. An article prepared in accordance with the rules of the language, with correct sentences and spelling rules is still very important. You should pay attention to integrity and spelling in your article.

  • Meta Description

We can explain the meta description as a summary and informative text that appears under the title of your content in web searches. Meta descriptions are approximately 160 characters. You should enter a relevant sentence, considering the topic you are writing about and using your keywords.

  • Internal Linking

You can provide easy access to your other content by sharing links between the content you have written and the content you have previously written. For example, you can direct the reader there by placing a link to the relevant content you have previously written with the word "SEO" in your article. Your link should really be related to the word you tagged and you should pay attention to the number of links you make. If you overwhelm your content with too many links, you will bore the reader.

  • Subheadings

Paragraphs divided by subheadings will make the article more interesting. It will also inform the reader about what they will read with title information. The titles you choose should be related to the main text of the topic and represent the paragraphs you will write.

  • Suitable Visual

Appropriate visual choices that will enliven your article will make the content attractive to the reader. A strong visual that expresses the subject you want to explain will be effective in reading the article.

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