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How Will Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence Affect Humanity?

In the age of digitalization, artificial intelligence is almost secretly infiltrating our lives and showing its impact in every field. Even when you wake up in the morning and make your coffee, you are in touch with technology. As M. Castells said, it is impossible to understand society without technology. Technology changes everything from communication to production, from our consumption habits to our individual identities. This change is felt everywhere, in everyone's life.

Traditional Media and Artificial Intelligence

Traditional media has undergone major changes with digitalization. This change has accelerated even more with artificial intelligence. Robot journalists and algorithms are revolutionizing the media industry. Google's "The Digital News Initiative" project has developed robot journalists that can pull current data from the internet and make news. These robot journalists work without the need for human intervention. Noam Lemelshtrich Latar suggests that robot journalists can be more successful and reduce costs compared to real journalists.

New Media and Artificial Intelligence

With the spread of the Internet, media production and consumption is in everyone's hands. Thanks to smartphones, everyone can produce content. Artificial intelligence comes into play at every stage, from content production to distribution, and offers personalized experiences. However, this also brings security problems. Deepfake videos stand out as a new tactic of media manipulation. Like Baudrillard's concept of hyperreality, media now creates a “more real” reality.

Thanks to artificial intelligence on social media Artificial people are created and even artificial beauty contests are organized. Emel Uzun Yedekci argues that technology is generally developed by white, middle-class men and therefore these technologies are designed with stereotypes. Creating artificial women and entering them into competitions reflects these gender stereotypes. It is unrealistic to expect artificial intelligence to change these patterns suddenly.

Artificial Intelligence and Social Dynamics

Artificial intelligence technologies are not only technical developments, but also radically change social dynamics. The responsibilities of technology are as important as its benefits. Understanding artificial intelligence applications is essential to becoming a conscious media consumer.

The relationship between artificial intelligence and media will deepen in the future, and this technological transformation process will bring new opportunities and challenges for both media producers and consumers. Education systems should prepare individuals for this new era by increasing media literacy. Artificial intelligence has the potential to create a more fair and equitable media environment, but the human factor should not be completely excluded.

In this period where technology is rapidly advancing, artificial intelligence It is important to understand its role in the media industry. When evaluating the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, social and human values should not be ignored. This is essential to move towards a sustainable future in a digitalizing world.

Ayça Özcan
Ayça Özcan