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Improve Your Linkedin Performance

Digital marketing has become very important in today's business world. Companies use digital channels to connect with potential customers, promote their brands, and market their products or services effectively. At this point, the impact of a professional social media platform such as LinkedIn in digital marketing cannot be ignored. LinkedIn started as a career-focused network. Nowadays, it is an effective channel for digital marketing and brands.

Alexanrda Morales, a social media manager on the LinkedIn Ads team, offered a few tips for boosting organic and paid posts. We have compiled these tips for you to improve your Linkedin performance and have a more effective process with your target audience.

Users Are More Eager to Interact Than You Think

Linkedin Advertising

Social media users are eager to interact. However, an important factor to maximize this engagement is to simplify the process and ensure that users receive something in return for their participation.

A user looking to increase engagement can achieve success by doing something as simple as contributing to a survey or responding to comments. However, if you are someone who wants to engage, you should also consider what you can offer for that event.

breaking the norms content and advertisements, generally has a higher probability of being detected. This is a fact. However, there are other methods to grab users' attention and stop them scrolling. One of these is to move people to action by using engaging and impressive text or images.

Considering that people are constantly scrolling through content on social media platforms, content that breaks the norms and of advertisements To stand out, it is important to be more creative and interesting. For example, an eye-catching headline or interesting image can immediately grab users' attention and encourage them to examine the content more closely.

According to Morales:

“Disruptive content may include bold or counterintuitive statements that ignite the reader's imagination and curiosity, or may include eye-pleasing, mold-breaking visuals that stand out on the scroll.”

Inspire Your Users

Linkedin Performance

linkedin Triggering emotional responses is an important factor to maximize engagement with your posts. Anger is one way to provoke a response, but emotions like joy, happiness, and inspiration make users more likely to gain their support.

increase engagement It is important to target emotional responses. Anger can motivate users in some situations, but positive emotions can also have a strong impact. Feelings of joy, happiness, and inspiration make users more likely to share, like, or support your content.

Targeting emotional responses will get your content shared, commented and liked by more people. This way, you can build a supportive community and maximize engagement.

moralesstates that the key to increasing interaction is to use the right visuals in the right formats. Especially larger images have higher CTR. (Click Rate) He emphasizes that he tends to achieve Therefore, it is recommended that you use larger images instead of standard thumbnails. Generally, an image size of 1200 x 627 pixels is considered ideal.

How the images will appear on mobile devices is also suggested by Morales as another important element to test in your process. Because social media The majority of users access content via their mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your images are displayed appropriately for mobile device screens. Mobile compatibility must be ensured for visuals to be readable, displayed harmoniously, and for users to easily consume the content.

Choose Short and Easy-to-Read Titles

Linkedin Advertising Model

Morales notes that shorter headlines generally lead to more engagement. It is recommended that the maximum number of characters targeted for ad titles be 150 characters. Additionally, aiming for 70 characters or less for descriptive texts is an important strategy.

This is a point we often avoid when trying to be too clever with our posts when we want to attract attention and clicks. Getting users to take the next action is more important than sharing content everything at once.

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