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Instagram is Working on an Artificial Intelligence Similar to ChatGPT!

As artificial intelligence technology diversifies day by day, social media platforms are also increasing the use of artificial intelligence to improve themselves. Meta is now working on creating a similar bot for Instagram, similar to the Meta AI bot that it previously introduced for WhatsApp.

Meta, known for its investments in artificial intelligence, has begun to benefit from the artificial intelligence initiatives it has tried on its applications. This feature, where you can chat with artificial intelligence just like in Snapchat, is still in the testing phase. It is thought that the artificial intelligence technology, which gives you answers no different from your friend, will attract the attention of Instagram users. 

Although Meta is not as professional as ChatGPT, using artificial intelligence in applications also provides advantages for producers and users. Although it is currently available to beta users, it is said that this feature, which is in the trial phase, will be available to all users very soon. Instagram, which currently loves change and adds innovation to its application, aims to offer users a broader and more enjoyable experience with its new artificial intelligence feature.

Instagram: Powerful Platform for Visual Content

Instagram is a social media platform that has rapidly gained popularity after being acquired by Facebook. Essentially based on photo and video sharing, this app allows users to visually share their lives and discover other people's content.

Main Features:

  1. Profile Creation: Users can create personal or business profiles. The profile can be personalized with information such as profile picture, username and biography.
  2. Posts: In addition to photos and videos, content can also be shared with features such as stories and IGTV. In the video sections divided into Reels and IGTV, the sizes and durations of the videos vary.
  3. Discover: The Explore section, which enables finding related content, allows users to explore different accounts and view personalized content based on their interests.
  4. Likes and Comments: Users can interact and gain followers by liking or commenting on posts.
  5. Messaging: With the direct message feature, users can communicate with each other and have private chats about their shares.
  6. Reels: The Reels feature, where short-term video content is shared, supports creating fun and creative content.
  7. Live Broadcasts: This feature offers the opportunity to broadcast live video, allowing real-time interaction with followers.

Popularity and Engagement:

Instagram enjoys great popularity, especially among young users. By using the power of visual content, brands, artists, influencers and other users can reach large audiences. Metrics such as likes, comments, and follower counts help users measure their engagement levels and allow them to improve their content strategies.

Security and Privacy:

Instagram takes users' privacy and security concerns seriously. It makes users feel safe with features such as account privacy settings, content sharing control and blocking unwanted messages. With its two-step protection feature, it prevents users' accounts from being stolen and secures their information.

Instagram is a dynamic platform that brings people together using the power of visual content. It offers a wide range of usage opportunities in different areas such as communication, entertainment, information sharing and marketing and continues to develop constantly.

Meta Corporation: Virtual Reality and Metaverse Focused Technology Giant

Meta company is known as a technology giant that emerged in 2021 when the parent company owned by Facebook changed its name. The company was previously owned by Facebook Inc. used to be known as “Meta Platforms, Inc.” It is referred to as. This name change emphasizes the “Metaverse” concept, the future technology that the company focuses on.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a vast, multidimensional and interactive virtual universe created by the combination of virtual reality technologies. In this universe, users can interact socially, do business, have fun and produce creative content just like in the real world. Meta company continues its work to realize this metaverse vision.

Meta's Fields of Activity:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): It offers virtual experiences by producing virtual reality devices under the Oculus brand. It also focuses on augmented reality technologies and develops experiences where real and virtual worlds merge.
  2. Social Media and Communication: It offers social communication and content sharing to a wide range of users through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  3. Metaverse Infrastructure: It develops metaverse-oriented working and interaction platforms in the business world with projects such as Horizon Workrooms.
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: It uses artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies to understand user behavior and deliver personalized experiences.

Meta and Future:

Meta company is considered one of the pioneers of the metaverse concept in the technology world. As virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverse technologies become more widespread in the future, the influence and importance of Meta will also increase. However, the privacy, security and ethical issues of these technologies should also be taken into account and appropriate policies must be created for a healthy digital future.

Meta company has an important position in the technology world, both with its existing social media platforms and with its vision of metaverse, the technology of the future, and will continue to direct the developments in this field.