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Meta Business: Maximize Your Performance

The term “meta” came to the fore when Facebook changed its name in 2021. The Facebook company now uses its parent company name as “Meta Platforms, Inc.” changed it to . With this change, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they aim to shift the company's focus from social media platforms to a broader area.

Meta describes itself as a technology company focused on augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), metaverse and other technologies. The company focuses on developing AR and VR technologies to enable people to interact more in digital environments. Meta; In addition to popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, it is also known for VR devices such as Oculus.

Meta's areas of focus are:

  • Augmented Reality (AR): He works on technologies that digitally enrich the real world. For example, when we see the real world using phone cameras, we can add additional information or objects to it.
  • Virtual Reality (VR): It focuses on technologies that create completely digital environments and take users to these environments. VR devices such as Oculus are examples of Meta's VR technologies.
  • Metaverse: Meta focuses on the concept of metaverse, which it sees as the internet experience of the future. This is thought of as a digital world where real and virtual worlds come together, where interaction and experience are much deeper.

In this regard, Meta's aim is to develop technologies that will enable people to establish deeper and more meaningful interactions in the digital world. The combination of these technologies makes Meta not only a social media It transforms the platform from a company into a company focused on a broader technology ecosystem.

Meta for business It generally refers to the process of businesses making sense of data, analyzing it and extracting meaningful information from this data. This concept enables businesses to use data-driven approaches to strengthen their decision-making processes and improve their strategic management. Metadata are data types used to describe the properties, relationships and structures of the data owned by businesses.

The key elements of Meta for business are:

  1. Data Collection and Storage: Businesses need to collect data from different sources and store this data securely. In this process, the accuracy and integrity of the data is important.
  2. Data Analysis and Processing: The collected data is analyzed and transformed into meaningful information for the business. Data analytics and processing is an important part of this process.
  3. Metadata Management: Metadata management is important for identifying, classifying and correlating data. In this way, the consistency and accessibility of the data is ensured.
  4. Decision Support Systems: Meta for business is used to support the decision-making processes of businesses. By analyzing and interpreting data, it becomes easier for businesses to make strategic decisions.
  5. Security and Compliance: Data security and compliance are important elements of meta for business processes. Businesses need to protect their data and comply with relevant legal regulations.

The combination of these elements allows businesses to optimize data-driven decision-making and gain a competitive advantage.

How to Maximize Your Performance?

There are some steps you can take to maximize your brand's performance using meta tools:

It is important to simplify the account structure to increase return on investment. At the beginning of each campaign, ad sets, target audiences and advert enters the learning phase to explore its fields. He starts doing research to choose the advertisement suitable for his target audience. At this stage, it is important to enable artificial intelligence to learn faster by combining ad sets and minimizing changes.

Reklam verenler, genel harcamalarının %20’sinden azını öğrenme aşamasında kullanmayı başarırlarsa, alışveriş başına ücretlerini %68’e kadar düşürülebilir.

Automation can help you automate and optimize your ad performance. For example, one-step automation solutions like Advantage+ shopping campaigns and Advantage+ app campaigns within Meta's capabilities can maximize results with the most powerful campaign setup. These automations can deliver significant improvements in costs per conversion.

It is also important to diversify advertising creatives and deliver the right message to the right person. People buy the same product for different reasons, so it's important to develop advertising creative based on a variety of motivations. It is known that users are closer to the product if different advertisements with text-based, voice-over, and visual effects are close to the users' interests. You can persuade your target audience and increase your sales by using diversity not in the product but in the reasons to buy the product.

Data quality is also of great importance to increase your performance. By establishing a direct connection between your marketing data and Meta technologies, you can better engage customers with high-quality AI-powered data. 

Apply A/B tests to try different strategies and see which one is more effective. By changing the titles, images and texts, you can determine which of the different combinations will be effective in the target audience.

Thanks to the strategy you implement by paying attention to these stages, you can maximize the performance of your brand and transform your brand by attracting your target audience by creating ads with Facebook and Meta tools.