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Instagram Starts Sales Period via DM

Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms with its number of users and the features it develops every day. Instagram, which integrates fun features into the application and surprises users with new features, has an important place in businesses. Businesses have been working for a certain period of time How to open a store on Instagram By searching, you can create a new sales channel. Thanks to Instagram, brands can promote their products more easily and communicate them to users. Here, they can stay in touch with both their customers and potential customers via DM. Instagram users can also follow the stores and products they want on Instagram. You can easily access websites via a single link. Nowadays Instagram's new feature users will be even more satisfied! Instagram is launching a direct sales period via DM.

Sale Time Starts Via DM


Businesses have been able to advertise their businesses and products by opening stores on Instagram for a long time. From there, they can attract users to their websites for sales. Users can contact the stores they currently follow via DM to get information about the product they like and sell it. website can be done via .

With Instagram's new integration, businesses will not only be limited to advertising and product promotion. With this new feature, it will sell to its customers via DM. Thanks to this integration, users DM messages They will be able to easily pay for the product they choose and own the product.

DM will not be limited to just a place where stores and customers communicate and exchange information. Customers will also be able to easily track the deliveries of the products they purchased via DM. Instagram users will be able to stay within the application with this new feature on Instagram. Thus, users will get their work done within a single page. This way, they will be able to communicate with the seller more easily. Users will be able to contact the business via DM about the product they like. It will also be possible to make payments easily with credit card integration.

Instagramoffers this new feature by considering not only features such as payment and product tracking, but also all the services that an e-commerce site can provide for the user. With the new feature, users will be able to access many services via DM. All returns, exchanges, cargo tracking, etc. for sales. It will be done via DM.

When Will DM Sales Feature Usage Be Active?

According to Instagram's statement, it will offer this feature to US users first. It is not yet clear when the feature will be operational in our country. Additionally, qualified accounts with business accounts on Instagram will be able to benefit from this feature.

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