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What is Viral Marketing?

After digitalization, many new methods have emerged in the advertising and marketing world. Each new method becomes louder and more motivating to the user, parallel to the previous one. Viral marketing method is one of the important and frequently heard advertising models of recent times. Let's take a look at the tricks of this marketing method.


What is Viral Marketing?

I'm sure many people have heard the word viral. Marketing It is a common word used in fields such as health. What is viral marketing Talking about the meaning of the word just before explaining it will make it easier to understand this method.

Viral is a word used to mean “spreading like a virus.” This is where its exact place and success in marketing comes from. This method digital marketingOne of the important models of . viral marketing method It is aimed to bring the marketed product to large masses. Whether a product is "viral" is not determined solely by the target audience. You'll know it's viral when you see the post on all social media users and come across it in everyone's feed. viral marketing, is not a method that emerged with digitalization. In fact, before digital marketing, it was one of the successful marketing methods called "word of mouth".

There is a strategy behind viral marketing, which attracts high traffic in a short time. Viral marketing is a method that has ongoing interaction and continuity. When it comes to the power and mass of social media, it can be a great success for a business/brand. marketing model We can also say.

With this strategy, the product marketed by ensuring interaction between the manufacturer and the customer becomes popular among large masses in a short time. The adventure that starts with a few people turns into an avalanche in an unexpected moment. It reaches a significant number of users and makes it viral.

How to Prepare for Viral Marketing?

One of the most asked questions about viral marketing on search engines is, how to do viral marketing the question is. Important equipment in viral marketing is a good visual and a good script. The product, supported by interesting arguments, is published on digital platforms. A good setup and work is required to ensure good interaction with viral marketing. Although video is generally preferred, effective work can also be done via e-mail. a good one for this digital agency You can work with and be successful.

If video will be used in the viral marketing method, you can create it with two different methods. “end usersWith the method called “”, you can create a successful advertisement with videos recorded by end users and ensure that it reaches other users. Another method is videos prepared by a professional team but giving an amateur feeling. You can look at viral marketing examples to carry out effective work.

One reason viral videos go “viral” is because they are natural or appear that way. It allows the user to spend more time on the video that promotes the product they will comment on.

If you want your brand or the product you want to promote to meet more users and want to learn more about viral marketing info@istcode.com By contacting us, you can benefit from 360 agency experience and have all your creative digital works managed by a professional.