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LinkedIn is testing TikTok-Instagram-like feature!

 In today's digital age, the power of social media is evident in a wide range of areas, from business to personal entertainment. Different categories but equally effective platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn emphasize different aspects of social media use by offering unique experiences to their users. This time, LinkedIn, which helps users direct their careers, has started testing its new feature similar to TikTok and Instagram, an entertainment social media platform.

 One of the hot topics on the agenda is that LinkedIn will include a separate video tab, just like the TikTok platform. Thanks to this new flow, it is said that LinkedIn will also include short videos (like reels) just like Instagram and TikTok. Thanks to this feature, users will have the opportunity to watch added content by switching between short videos. However, considering that LinkedIn is a professional career platform, the contents of the vertical videos to be uploaded can be developed around content such as career advice, job opportunities and event news, rather than content such as preparation for a special day invitation, recipes or car races. Users can like, comment, and reshare these videos like any other LinkedIn post. 

 LinkedIn has also tried the stories feature before. After this feature was active for a year, LinkedIn took a new initiative, this time with the short video feature. Since this feature is still in the early testing phase, most users cannot access this feature, but it is planned to be available to the masses in the near future. With this new feature, LinkedIn aims to enable users to access more effective and instructive content and contribute to their professional development. This new feature aims to increase LinkedIn's content diversity and enable users to have a more interactive experience. 

What kind of application is LinkedIn?

  In today's digital age, online platforms are crucial to strengthening our professional networks and expanding business opportunities. LinkedIn is one of these platforms. LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for interacting with the business world, pursuing job opportunities, and expanding your professional network. In this article, you will focus on the opportunities offered by the LinkedIn mobile application and discover how you can use it more effectively.

Creating and Editing Profiles: You can easily create a professional profile or edit your existing profile using the LinkedIn mobile app. Keeping the information in your profile accurate and up-to-date allows you to interact with other users and increase your access to job opportunities.

Connecting and Communication: LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with business professionals. Through the mobile application, you can find people in your industry, connect with them and evaluate collaboration opportunities. Additionally, you can manage your network more effectively by communicating directly with the messaging feature.

Content Sharing and Tracking: LinkedIn allows you to follow developments in your industry and share relevant content. You can follow industry leaders, learn current news, and showcase your expertise by sharing your own content through the mobile application.

Job Postings and Career Opportunities: LinkedIn is an important resource for job seekers. You can follow current job postings, discover career opportunities and easily apply through the mobile application. You can also closely follow current developments in the sector by following companies.

The LinkedIn mobile application is an important tool that allows you to take part effectively in the business world. It is an indispensable platform for managing and developing your business life, with features such as creating professional profiles, making connections, sharing content and tracking career opportunities. By using the mobile application effectively, you can expand your professional network, access new job opportunities and build your career on a more solid foundation.

What Place Do Instagram and TikTok Have in Social Media?

Social media platforms are one of the important areas today where people connect with each other, produce and share content. We will closely examine TikTok and Instagram applications, which offer a wide range of user experiences from creative content production to visual sharing.

TikTok: Creative Content Production and Sharing: TikTok is a platform dominated by short videos and has become a favorite of young users. Users can create and share short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Thanks to the sound effects, filters, effects and montage tools offered by TikTok, users can express their creativity. Famous dance videos, funny skits, educational content and visually striking videos can reach large audiences on TikTok.

Instagram: Sharing Images and Stories: Instagram stands out as a platform focused on photo and video sharing. Users can create and share content through aesthetically arranged photos, short videos, and stories. With different areas of Instagram such as filter options, story features, live broadcasts and IGTV, users have the opportunity to discover and share various types of content. Additionally, Instagram's Explore page and the use of hashtags ensure that content reaches large audiences.

User Engagement and Community

 Both platforms offer an environment where users can interact and create communities. While interaction is provided through likes, comments, shares and followers on TikTok, Instagram also has similar interaction mechanisms. Users can share the content they like, make comments and communicate directly with the people they follow. Both applications offer an interactive experience to their users with interaction features such as likes, comments, shares and followers. These interactions increase users' engagement with the audience using the app.

The Power of Short Videos

 Both applications offer their users the opportunity to create short videos. Users can use their creativity to produce dance videos, funny skits, educational content, humorous montages and many other types of videos. User-generated content often spreads as trends and can reach large audiences.

Use of Sound and Music

TikTok and Instagram have a large library of music and sound effects. Users can make their content more entertaining by adding the songs or sound effects they like to their videos. Additionally, challenges and trends based on popular songs or sounds allow users to interact with each other.

Explore Page and Trends

TikTok and Instagram's “Discover” page offers users popular content, trending videos, and recommended content based on their interests. In this way, users can follow various trends on the platform, discover interesting content and develop their own content strategies. In the Explore section, which creates personalized agendas with personally selected posts and videos, users can expand their ideas by encountering new content at any time while following the agenda according to their interests.

 TikTok and Instagram are important platforms that enrich the social media experience with their different features and usage areas. While TikTok stands out with short videos and creative content, Instagram attracts users' attention with visual shares and story format. Both apps encourage user interaction and host a large community. By using these platforms effectively, users can create and share their own content and reach large audiences.