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Differences between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager 

Meta Business Suite and Business Manager applications, which Facebook has made available to businesses, are tools used for analysis tracking and advertising management. Businesses optimize their accounts using these applications. Although they are both the most widely used options for digital marketing and seem similar, they have their differences. To address these differences, it is necessary to know how Meta Business Suite and Business Manager work:

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite is a platform that simplifies the management of your Facebook and Instagram accounts and collects them all on a single platform. social media It is a tool. This platform has more comprehensive and flexible features compared to Meta Business Manager. Through Meta Business Suite, you can make your advertising expenditures more efficient, reach Facebook's more than 3 billion users, increase interaction, and access valuable information such as who your target audience is.

Meta Business Suite includes a number of useful tools such as unified inbox, content planning calendar, social media posts creation and scheduling tool, online forms, and more. Thanks to these tools, businesses can manage their social media assets more effectively and improve their digital marketing strategies.

 A unified inbox allows businesses to view and respond to all their communications from platforms like Facebook and Instagram in one place. This allows you to manage customer services more effectively.

A content scheduling calendar helps businesses plan and schedule their social media posts in advance. This is important to ensure a consistent content flow and direct the target audience more effectively.

The social media post creation and scheduling tool allows businesses to easily create and share visual and text content. This increases brand awareness and increases interaction with the target audience.

Online forms tool allows businesses to collect feedback from their customers and communicate with potential customers. This increases customer satisfaction and encourages sales.

Meet the Meta Insights Tool

Meta Insights, Facebook advert and is a powerful analysis tool it offers to businesses to understand content performance. This tool allows businesses to in-depth analyze their activities on Facebook and Instagram platforms. Meta Insights provides businesses with valuable information in the following areas:

Target Audience Analysis: Businesses can better understand their target audience through Meta Insights. It provides detailed reports with important information such as demographics, interests, behaviors, and interactions.

Content Performance: By analyzing the performance of content shared on Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to determine which types of content are more effective. You can measure the success of your content with metrics such as likes, comments, shares and clicks.

Advertising Effectiveness: You can use your budget in the most efficient way by monitoring the performance of advertising campaigns. You can examine metrics such as viewing, click and conversion rates of your ads in detail.

Timing and Frequency: You can see which days and times your content received more interaction and how many times your ads were viewed. This information provides important tips for content planning and advertising strategies.

As a result, Meta Business Suite offers businesses a comprehensive platform to manage their social media presence and develop their digital marketing strategies. Thanks to these tools, businesses can make their advertising expenditures more efficient, increase interaction and access important information such as who the target audience is.

What is Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager, now known as Meta Business Suite, allows businesses to open business accounts on Facebook. Thanks to this platform, you can access all the marketing tools that Facebook offers you using your Meta Business account. Additionally, you can manage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp from one place via Meta Business Suite. Instagram ad management can also be carried out on this platform.

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices and allows businesses to advertise digitally. On this platform, there is the possibility of publishing posts, stories and ads taking into account statistics. You can also create marketing strategies and track recent trends based on the statistics provided.

Facebook Business Manager is a management portal that allows opening and managing a Facebook business account, publishing ads and verifying the business. Thanks to this platform, you can manage all marketing tools on Facebook from one place.

Business Manager allows the same ad account to run and be managed across multiple sessions. It is possible for multiple users to access and manage the same ad account. Additionally, Facebook Business Manager helps advertisers combine Facebook marketing activities within the business and with external partners.

Differences between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager

The new updates added to the system, which Business Manager users will not be unfamiliar with, are as follows:

  • Meta Business Suite is now with mobile application It allows users to check their accounts from anywhere. You can control your business from anywhere, anytime.
  • See notifications from your Instagram and Facebook accounts on your home page with the renewed home page view. Access the analysis of the ads you have shared or placed recently at any time.
  • Review your separate messages from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram in a single notification box. Easily find comments from your accounts in the unified inbox feature and easily read them all without having to navigate between applications.
  • Thanks to Meta Business Suite, you can produce various ads for yourself and highlight your existing ads and posts. 
  • You can schedule posts for your social media feed here. 
  • See how much interaction the content you share receives, both organically and paid. You can monitor how well you can capture information and trends about your target audience here.
  • As we mentioned about the mobile application Meta Business SuiteYou can access all Facebook tools via 's desktop application. Many tools such as your business's invoices, account settings, information about your target audience, and administrators are available in the desktop application.