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Competitor to Twitter from Meta: Threads

Due to the problems that have emerged on Twitter recently, many users have started to turn to alternative platforms. Realizing this situation, Meta quickly launched an application called Threads, which it had developed since the beginning of 2023, as a rival to Twitter. Threads stands out as an application designed to offer users a similar social media experience. This move by Meta could increase competition in the social media market and offer users a wider choice.

What kind of application will Threads be?


Elon MuskFollowing the restrictions imposed by Twitter, it caused Twitter users to look for alternative applications. As a result of this search, platforms such as Threads came to the fore. Threads, Instagram's new text-based chat application developed by Meta company, launches on July 6. Android and iOS It will be available for download in app stores.

Threads offers a platform where communities can come together and discuss current and trending topics. Users will be able to connect directly, share their thoughts and build a follower base by following people and brands according to their interests. The interface of the application, twitterIt makes it possible to log in with an Instagram account, providing a similar user experience on platforms such as Mastodon and Bluesky. In this way, the accounts that users follow on Instagram are automatically added to the contact list and they do not have to bother with obtaining a username.

Instagram Threads works integrated with the decentralized social media protocol called ActivityPub developed by Mastodon. However, there is no definitive information yet about whether everyone can log in to the application or whether registration is required through invitations like Bluesky.

This is new social media platformIt is promising that it can enable interaction and content sharing between users in an easier and more focused way. Threads, which is expected to be met with interest especially by Instagram's wide user base, seems to bring a new breath to the social media world with its launch on July 6.

Could Threads Become the New Twitter?


Meta's goal is to create a Twitter alternative by using Instagram's large user base. The app is touted as a community-driven platform that allows users to follow topics of interest, content creators, and communicate directly with others.

Meta's Threads application, Instagram's a text-based social network It seems to be a step compatible with the goal of transformation. In particular, Twitter's recent decision to limit the number of tweets users can view may direct users to a broader chat platform. However, it will be important to note that the Threads app is only available in limited regions.

The emergence of Threads and Meta's progress in this direction, Elon Musk's Twitterand criticisms of Mark ZuckerbergIt was attributed to factors such as 's desire to develop a competitive application. Some rumors have suggested that Musk and Zuckerberg could engage in a back-and-forth battle on this issue and even come together at a physical event. However, these claims have not been confirmed yet.

Some users think that for Threads to be successful, Meta will need to come up with a better strategy and address criticism about its name choice.

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