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What's Happening on Twitter?

Elon Musk is one of the most talked about names with the things he has done and tried to do recently. He has disturbed users a lot with the updates he brought after he bought Twitter. With the latest update, Twitter attracted great reactions by imposing restrictions on users. This update looks like it will be discussed for a long time.

Tweet Views Limited

twitter Following service problems encountered by users Elon Musk, stated that these restrictions were temporarily implemented to prevent potentially valuable data from being “scraped” from the site without permission.

Elon Musk, himself twitter He explained the details of tweet viewing restrictions to users through his posts from his account. Accordingly, users with verified accounts will be able to view 10 thousand tweets per day. For unverified accounts, this limit is set at one thousand tweets. Users with newly opened and unverified accounts will be able to view only 500 tweets.

Emphasizing that these tweet display restrictions are temporary, Musk stated that the purpose is to prevent unauthorized data extraction. Collecting large amounts of data on the Twitter platform and using it without permission may cause privacy and security problems. Therefore, it is important that users understand these limitations and accept this temporary measure.

Elon Musk's first tweet views It was noteworthy that it announced its limits as a much lower level. It initially said users could view 600 tweets per day, but later clarified that it had updated those numbers twice. In this process, the limit for verified users was determined as 10 thousand tweets, and the limit for unverified users was determined as 1 thousand tweets.

As a result, service issues occurred after Elon Musk announced tweet display restrictions on Twitter. However, Musk stated that these measures were temporary and were implemented to prevent unauthorized data extraction. It is important that users understand these limitations and accept them as temporary. These measures to protect the security and privacy of the Twitter platform will help users have a safer experience.

War with Artificial Intelligence

Twitter Update

Elon Musk, who had a falling out with OpenAI's founders, was one of OpenAI's first investors. However, he later stepped back from the project and the company. OpenAI He broke up with. OpenAI has since developed a number of generative AI tools and made billions of dollars through major deals.

Musk has repeatedly criticized that even though OpenAI is a nonprofit, his initial investment helped the company build a business with no returns. He also called ChatGPT “too woke” and called his own “TruthGPT” productive artificial intelligence was interested in creating the model. This situation also seems to affect data access decisions between OpenAI and Twitter.

twitter, Musk's OpenAIIn response to its belief that it wasn't paying enough, it increased the price of API access points and further restricted tweet data by now blocking non-logged-in users from searching for tweets.

It is stated that this new restriction currently only applies to web users, but Twitter is said to expand it to mobile users in the coming weeks.

After the platform angered its users so much, alternative applications have already begun to emerge. While many people did not know how long this limitation would last, most users started to turn to different options.

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