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NFT in Digital Marketing

With the impact of the pandemic, the world entered a process of rapid development and transformation. Everything has started to become digital, and especially recently, a new understanding of digital consumption has emerged. According to this new understanding, content creators without using a central currency and they reach the consumer directly, without an intermediary. Crypto assets are one of the most important actors of this consumption concept.


In digital content, especially NFT, is one of the most well-known and used crypto assets. While digitalization increased in all sectors, the art sector was also affected by this situation. Artworks, NFT aspect blockchain Since it is connected to the infrastructure, the risk of imitation of their works is minimized, and the works of the artists are protected and sold for high values. Considering the rapid growth of NFT these days, it is clear that it will dominate the market in the future.


What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) literally means “A token that cannot be exchanged with anything else or replaced with anything else.” means. NFT, a special type of cryptographic money, is uncopyable and the only one of its kind. NFTs include paintings, photos, videos, music, audio and multimedia, such as virtual reality, fashion or online video games. It allows digital assets to be bought and sold easily and at their value. For example, NFTs can be a domain name or even a tweet. NFT allows you to buy a digital work of art just like you would buy a physical work of art. Although it is similar to physical art in these aspects, it also has variable values. Prices of works may increase or decrease. To purchase NFTs used as proof of ownership cryptocurrency It is necessary to use.

NFT as a Digital Marketing Trend for Brands

Brands can increase brand awareness and customer brand loyalty by using NFT technology to improve user experiences. You can stay in touch with customers by using personalized gifts and coupons. NFT technology can be used to keep them connected. In addition to the programmatic distribution of mobile advertising campaigns created using NFT on various digital platforms, brands can can generate more revenue by converting ads into NFT. Advertisements that are highly appreciated by consumers and customers can be converted into NFT and turn from an expense item into an income item. Brands entering this competitive environment will try to make much higher quality advertisements. By influencing their target audience more deeply, they can achieve their goals and objectives in marketing much more successfully.



NFT in Influencer Marketing

Recently, digital content creators YouTube ad-supported or on similar platforms Netflix They earn money by selling their content on paid platforms such as. With NFTs, content creators can bring their content to their target audiences without the need for any intermediary environment and without paying bidding fees to intermediaries. This may create a new media ownership situation.


When approached from a different perspective, the popularity of influencers, which are existing social media influencers, is mostly measured by the views of the content they produce. In addition to viewing content with NFT technology, one can also receive royalties from content inspired by original content. Thus, the more imitation content increases, the more the value of the original content will increase. In summary, NFT technology is effective for brands to reach their target audiences. It also provides great opportunities for them to access new income opportunities. Brands that will take advantage of these new opportunities will be able to earn huge incomes. The existence of brands that do not adopt and do not make the necessary preparations will be in danger in the future.

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