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Traditional vs. Digital Advertising

The advertising industry has been divided into two with the development of technology. There are two types of advertising: traditional and digital advertising. This adventure, which started with traditional advertising in the past, entered the journey of transition to digital advertising over time. Both forms of advertising have their strengths. They only differ from each other in terms of their usage areas and the services they provide. Let's examine these two areas together with all their details and differences.

Traditional Advertising, One of the Oldest Types of Marketing

Conventionally or as it is more commonly known traditional advertisingis one of the oldest known marketing methods. The history of traditional advertising dates back about 200 years. In ancient times, when technology was not used, printing and publishing organs were preferred. It was carried out through media such as newspapers, brochures, flyers, mail and magazines. After a while, when technology began to settle into our lives, mass media such as radio and television were also included. traditional advertising, one-way and not online marketing their works. It still maintains its strengths today due to its deep-rooted history and influence. It is one of the most researched and preferred promotion branches. Since it is suitable for trial and error method, the most suitable marketing tool is chosen by researching previous experiences. The disadvantage of this type of advertising is that since it is one-way, its interaction with the target audience is limited. Since he cannot get a response, he cannot take quick action.

Traditional Advertising Tools

As we mentioned above traditional media There are many mass media tools used. Let's talk about what they are, in which situations they will be used, their advantages and disadvantages.

Newspaper and Magazine

It is one of the most popular media tools in the world without technology. It is long-lasting because it can be stored physically. Since the newspaper is printed daily, it is current and cannot be repeated. The magazine is also printed weekly and monthly. Both are easy to reach local audiences. Of course, it also has its disadvantages. Since it has to be printed, the cost is high.


It was a popular topic when television was not yet in our lives. It was a mass media tool. It is a great advantage that it is both loud and can be listened to while doing other work. It is still preferred in many aspects of our lives. While traveling in the car, doing business at home and on our mobile phones... Geographically, the target audience is prone to selectivity. It's a situation that reduces its memorability because it's not physical.


It is one of the largest mass media tools. It is in every home and is still among the most preferred. Very wide to target audiences can reach. There is also a geographical region option, local and international. Another advantage is that it is both up-to-date and repeatable. Since it is not portable and accessible everywhere, these features are its disadvantages.

Open air

The majority of people spend the day outside. Sometimes it is not possible to watch television or read newspapers due to workload. For this reason, brands that want to deliver their products and services to their target audiences, outdoor advertising prefers. You may have come across advertisements at bus stops, billboards and on vehicles. In this way, they reach millions of people passing through that location a day. Additionally, determining a location makes it easier to reach the target audience. For example, if your target audience is white-collar workers, you can place your ad on a billboard in the business district. In addition, since it is possible to display 24 hours a day, the efficiency to be obtained is high.

New Generation Digital Advertising

Advert, It has existed in humanity's life for many years, but with the development of the internet, it has reached a completely different point. digital advertising, It became the new face of advertising. We can say that the biggest reason for this is technology and the internet. It is both easy to reach and inexpensive. We all have cell phones and Internet It is within our reach. We spend most of our day on the internet. We now spend time on the internet that we do not spare for newspapers, magazines or even television. That's why advertising, like many industries, has shifted to digital.

Digital Advertising Tools

Digital advertising has areas of use in different media. You can choose the appropriate one of these channels depending on the content and the target audience you want to reach. This from digital platforms, Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

Search Engines

web You can choose the people you want to address by looking at users' navigation statistics. You should pay attention to the keywords you create for visitors. When someone searches for a keyword that fits your network, they should see you at the top.

Display Advertising

It is based on the visuals that you will promote your product or service. Prepare relevant content web or mobile You can display these images in front of your target audience.

Social Media Ads

Social media platforms It is a type of advertising that involves producing and publishing content through. It uses online communication channels such as video, photo, text or gif. Influencer marketing is also included in this type of advertising. It is the type of digital advertising that is used most actively and efficiently.

Traditional and Digital Advertising Comparison

In traditional advertising Managing the printing and publishing process takes a long time. In digital media, your advertisement spreads more practically and faster. It is enough to spend a short time to take action.

-Digital is more flexible and free. You can produce fast and cost-free solutions in situations requiring change and revision. Traditionally, this process takes a long time and sometimes it is not possible to change it.

digital advertising always uses less budget. Traditional is costly. You have to sacrifice big money. However, if a photo you share in the digital environment receives a lot of interaction, you will be advertising it at almost zero cost.

-It is important to see the results of the advertisement. While you get faster and more accurate results with digital, you can see the results of traditional in the long term.

-Digital advertising is versatile and capable of receiving feedback. It allows you to stay engaged with your target audience. Traditional, on the other hand, is one-way and you cannot communicate with your target audience.

-Finally, let's talk about the most important difference. Pinpoint the target audience... When you advertise digitally, you can choose who you want to reach. Traditionally, this situation is left to chance. You reach many people, but how many of them are your target audience? The situation that eliminates this uncertainty is through choosing the right person.



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