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Getting Trendy on Social Media

The importance of being on the agenda in social media is being felt more and more by brands day by day. Being trending on social media; It is a very convenient way to expand their target audience, make their name known and become even more popular in every field. It is only necessary to produce the right content. If you make the right moves in the digital world, you will reach the interaction and growth you want in a short time. In this article, we will share tips on how to produce the right content and make a name for yourself on social media.

The Advantage of Being Trending on Social Media for Brands

Brands have undoubtedly reached a completely different level in the industry since they entered the digital world. of online sales Being easy, fast or accessible has reduced consumers' habit of shopping in stores. Website Or we can say that selling through social media platforms has allowed stores to continue their existence quickly and with little expense. Social media thanks to; If it is an already well-known and well-established brand, it can strengthen its name in the sector, and if it is a newly established brand, it can introduce itself to the masses and create customer potential.

Collaborate with Powerful Names

Social media In order to increase interaction, collaborating with Influencers who have a high number of followers in that medium ensures that the brand is on the agenda. Many big brands managed to become trending topics on social media by sending gifts to these people or organizing events and releasing a capsule collection bearing the influencer's signature. Taking the right steps like this ensures that the name of the brand is heard by those who do not know it. It also creates positive developments for people who are already users, such as following the brand's agenda.

Use the Feature of Reaching the Masses

If you focus on a limited audience, you will not get intense feedback from your posts. social media Perhaps its most powerful feature is that you can reach people miles away with just one click. You can expand your target audience by using this feature correctly. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to become popular.

Make Your Content Attract Attention When Creating It

Another step of becoming popular is to produce attention-grabbing content. When users come across content that interests them on social media, they send it to their acquaintances and this action starts circulation. Content that begins to circulate among many people in a short time increases the interaction of its creator. This traffic gives you positive feedback. We often encounter such examples. viral He even became famous thanks to his videos and visuals. social media There are thousands of names that have entered the industry.

The Most Trending Brands in 2022

Finally; Let's look at the brands that managed to be trending on social media according to their categories during the year. Let's examine the brands that are most talked about and interact with more than their competitors.

-TOGG was the most talked about brand in the automobile industry. TOGG, which has the distinction of being Turkey's first domestic car, created a great impact on the country's agenda.

Digital TV series and movie platform Disney Plus has managed to become a global trend. It managed to gather famous names into its organization with the agreements and scripts it signed before it even started its service. We can say that Disney Plus shook the throne of its rival Netflix.

From e-commerce sites The American e-commerce giant that has managed to stay on the agenda the most is Amazon. For Türkiye, we can call this name Trendyol.

-Apple, one of the technology brands, was at the top again. The introduction of the latest iPhone 14 smartphone series caused great repercussions. Consumers finished the stocks in a short time.

-Almost all of the social media platforms were constantly at the top. The first place changes hands constantly depending on the time intervals throughout the year. Instagram, TikTok, Youtube And twitter… We can say that Twitter is at the top as it has recently entered the process of being purchased by Elon Musk.

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