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What is UI&UX?

UI/UX design is one of the most important components for your website and applications. Users can sometimes confuse UI/UX design. There is a subtle difference between the two. While UI designs the user interface, UX designs the user experience. UI is more concerned with the eye appeal of the design than with user interaction. UX, on the other hand, deals with the interaction of the user with design, based on user experience. Let's examine together what UI/UX design is.

What is User Interface (UI)

UI (user interface) is the design. ui designis the area where interaction between humans and machines takes place. All designs that are related to the external appearance of the application or website are related to UI. UI (user interface) design is the subset of user experience design that focuses on the customer's interaction with your website or product. At its core, user interface is about ensuring that the usability of a product is fit for purpose, no matter what device it is used on. Also UI; It is a combination of graphical, textual, and audio elements that the user can interact with to complete the application's tasks. User interface is about how your app looks or feels. It covers everything from defining fonts and colors to placing information on the screen. It's also about providing clear and easy-to-understand interactions for users, as well as creating an overall "experience" that makes people want to use your product more than others.

This is about how a user can easily navigate the website or application or find the information they are looking for. UI creates all the designs that enable the user to stay on the site comfortably for a long time. The goal of user interface design is to create a user interface that makes it easy, efficient and fun for users to interact with a product.

Things to Consider in UI Design

Most designers follow a set of rules to ensure their products are successful. These rules are as follows:

  • Interface users Give it to your control.
  • Make user interfaces consistent.
  • Make interaction with the product comfortable.
  • Reduce cognitive load.
  • Create a visual hierarchy.
  • Use font styles well.
  • Choose the right icons.
  • You must choose the right colors
  • Pay attention to feedback.
  • Assemble the parts correctly.

Research in UI Designs: UI designers They need to make sure that the visual language they choose is appropriate for the class of applications they are writing. It interacts with the user and in a way that users can easily understand. should design.

What is User Experience (UX)


User experience, It covers the entire interaction of users in a design from a to z. It is about all the experiences, good and bad, that the user has during the interaction process. User experience determines the structure and functionality of the interface. User Experience Design (UX) is the process of creating great, positive and meaningful experiences for the user. UX design, It focuses on all aspects of a user's interaction with the company, its brand, and its products/services. Ultimately, a good user experience creates loyal customers who will stay loyal to your brand.

Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things, explains UX design as follows:

“A product is much more than just a product. It is a holistic and integrated set of experiences. Consider all phases of a product or service, from initial use to support and service or maintenance, from design to final reviews. UX designers must ensure that all of this works together seamlessly.”

user experience Its main purpose is to provide the best possible experience to the target audience by making strategic designs to develop or improve a product.

A good UX design needs to be usable, findable, attractive, reliable, accessible and valuable. These features help brands delight their users and succeed in a market full of options.

The user interface is part of the user experience.

What is the Difference Between UI and UX Design


  • UX, It deals with the interaction of design with the user. UI deals with how the design will be viewed by the user.
  • Success for UX design is how much interaction increases. Success for UI is how pleasing and beautiful it looks.
  • Tests can be used in UX design, but they generally cannot be used in UI designs.
  • UI, with human psychology UX It's not as relevant.
  • UX, is more comprehensive. UIIt is related to the beauty of the design or its appearance to the eye.
  • While it is preferred to be knowledgeable about subjects such as psychology and sociology in the UX design process, it is preferred to have sufficient knowledge about web design in the UI design process.
  • UI And UX Similar points of its design:
  • While a UX designer decides how the user interface works, the UI designer decides how the user interface will look. This is a very collaborative process and the two design teams tend to work together.
  • While the UX team creates the flow of the app, the UI team works on how all of the elements will appear on the screen, such as how all the buttons guide you through your tasks and how the interface serves the user's need efficiently.

What is Figma?

figma, It is an intuitive design tool for digital projects. It allows users to work collaboratively on projects in real time, regardless of their location or context. Since it's cloud-based, you upload, store and share your files from anywhere you want. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for designers, developers and customers to create stunning interactive prototypes. Non-technical users quickly create interactive elements and interfaces along with back-end data sources such as spreadsheets, databases, or APIs, all of which you easily manage from one place. Get more without coding with plugins that extend your design capabilities right out of the box.

figma, It provides a highly efficient tool for teams to work together on projects. It enables remote collaboration, allowing teams around the world to work together. In this way, users make decisions quickly. This is especially useful when projects have many stakeholders from various regions or time periods.

At some point in the design process, additional buttons need to be specified for a particular screen. Like how to organize buttons or edit their shape or size. UI/UX Constant communication and collaboration between designers helps ensure that the end-user interface looks as good as possible while also operating efficiently and intuitively.

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