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Design Thinking

Design is the process of building our imagination in real life. Whatever the purpose of design, it is to produce something new. Come on, design thinking together Let's find out what it is.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking; It is a way of thinking based on solution-oriented thinking using different perspectives. the basics design Even though it draws from the world, it offers an extremely effective problem-solving method for business life, social problems, initiatives and even our own lives. The starting point of design consists of integrating the ideas we have in our minds or dreams into visuals and integrating them into a whole. At this point, design-oriented thinking guides us in realizing our ideas.

What Does Design Thinking Do?

We actually apply the design-oriented thinking method in our daily lives without realizing it. Interaction Design In an article published in the Foundation, design thinking is explained with the following example:

Think of a low-built bridge. A truck passing under it gets stuck halfway under the bridge, unable to move. The truck must be rescued from the situation it is in as soon as possible and traffic must continue in its normal flow. To solve this problem, many people who are experts in their fields, such as engineers, emergency personnel, firefighters and drivers, come together. Emergency personnel recommend that the truck be dismantled and removed from the stuck place, and the engineer recommends demolishing the problematic part of the bridge. In other words, every professional produces a solution related to the subject in which he or she is an expert. Meanwhile, a citizen passing by offers a suggestion that no expert has ever thought of. The air in the truck's tires deflates and the problem is resolved with minimal damage and loss of time. This incident shows that the result of brainstorming from multiple perspectives can be much more practical and easier than other solutions.

Design-Oriented Thinking Step by Step

Be empathetic: Understanding what users need is an important point. You should stay in touch with users, understand their wishes correctly and reflect them in the design.

Definition: After empathizing with users, you should define their opportunities and problems. You should try to synthesize the data with your team and make it user-friendly.

Generate Ideas: The main ingredient of design is the idea. The more ideas we generate, the more progress we make. By putting forward all logical or illogical ideas and eliminating them, you begin to move in the direction you want to move. Remember that everyone can come up with ideas. To generate ideas, the artist designer or creativity It is not necessary to be very high. It is only necessary to construct the thoughts well.

Prototype: Start creating solutions. It is the stage where the ideas we produce turn into a demo. In this demo main components of the design Determine. Design process It is not a linear process, it can be revised again and you may need to throw away the product you produced and produce a new one. For this reason, the work carried out in the solution process should be simple and guiding.

Test: The functioning of the product, its effects on the user, technical problems and problems should be tested at this stage. This is the stage where you test the solutions you have created and present them to the user. It tells you where the user liked or disliked. There is no time or duration for me to test. It is testable at every stage. The design process does not follow a certain path; it may change or start over again. For this reason, you should always try without giving up.

Design-oriented thinking can be applied at every moment of life, from individual projects to comprehensive projects. To achieve success in design thinking, you must go outside the box and never give up.

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