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Virtual Brand Communities

Since the day the doors of the digital world opened, many sectors have broken away from the traditional world and started to go digital. This includes brands. They join digital communities to include people who are loyal to them. Virtual brand communities are emerging. When brands join these communities, they gain more than they pay. Moreover, since they learn and experience this, the contribution they add to their experience is considerable. In this article, let's examine why brands step into the digital world and the virtual brand communities they create.

Build and Know Your Own Community

Digital Brands that want to exist in the world achieve this by building their own virtual communities. Because consumers meet the need for belonging to virtual brand communities they want to participate. Because in this way they nourish their social self. They position the brand they belong to near the center of their lives. They gain a solid place for themselves by participating in the brand's events, collaborations and digital publications. By sharing in the digital world, they expand the brand's sphere of influence as much as possible.

The advantage of the brand in this situation is that they have loyal customers with little effort. It is easier to direct and control your own community. Not to mention being able to reach very large audiences with the power of digital... Having a group of people who constantly create content with which you can collaborate and get support digitally, free of charge, allows you to reach large audiences in a short time.

5 Strategies of Community Wheel

Digital to communities We talked about the advantages of participating for brands and customers. Now, in order to do this correctly and on a solid basis, there are 5 things that brands should implement. from strategy let's talk.

1. Brands need to choose a common focus for the community they create. Audiences should be selected accordingly and action should be taken to directly reach the target.

2. Every brand has a star product that plays a big part in creating its value. This product needs to be identified and a story created for it.

3. It should be ensured that the story of the star product reaches as many people as possible. The story told should make people curious about the brand and its products. It should create a desire in consumers to own a star product and instill the feeling of seeing themselves as privileged for owning that product.

4. A must, of course, for this community. with content It is a constant nourishment. After a while, repetitive activities start to become monotonous. To prevent this from happening, brands should both bring their communities together with new content and encourage them to in digital should encourage them to create their own content.

5. In the last step online And offline We can say that we make the shopping process simplest and most usable. Brands that offer their communities the easiest way to shop anywhere, anytime, win.

RedBull Brand Community Example

Actually, RedBull, which is in the market as an energy drink brand, prefers to integrate itself into life and the masses. social media succeed in becoming a giant. He started from his own motto and took part in collaborations that emphasized the importance of dynamism. It supported projects where energy and freedom were felt at their peak, such as adrenaline sports, mountaineering and motor sports. In addition, there are events organized by itself and famous names sponsored by it. Thanks to these moves on Instagram 16M, on Twitter 2M, on Facebook He has 48M followers. RedBull, which managed to support the virtual community it created with the right content strategy, is one of the leading names in developing online steps in digital.

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