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What is a Mobile Application?

A mobile application or app is a software program designed to run on smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications are developed as modules of underlying device operating systems and use a proprietary user interface language and frameworks. It can be downloaded from application markets or electronic distribution platforms such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store. They are programmed in a universal programming language that can be compiled into binary code running on different processors.

How Should Mobile Application Design Be?

Mobile Application Design (Web Mobile UI) is the science of designing and creating user-friendly mobile or web applications. It is the process of planning and creating various aspects of an application, including its layout, size, design elements, and user interface.

Mobile application design has become a part of the development industry and with the increase in competition, mobile applications have also begun to see innovations. At this point, in order for the application to make a difference, it must be designed correctly according to the needs and preferences of the sector.

Mobile apps often translate a similar activity on a smartphone into an app. Based on this app, it usually has some features like GPS tracking, camera access and more. Creating mobile applications is not easy and requires a lot of effort. We do not recommend following any platform's style when creating the design. Of course, you are likely to be inspired. However, when you use your own unique mobile application design language, the result will reflect you completely.

How to Develop a Mobile Application?

The app development process doesn't end when you release the app. In fact, this is just the beginning of the relationship you will build with your users. They'll want updates, or even better, new features that will make their lives easier. This being the case, it will be impossible to leave your application as it was when you first created it. You must be open to continuous improvement and feed yourself with fresh ideas.

The usability of the mobile application development tool is also very important. It should be available as a full-featured mobile development tool throughout the year. The service provider should have responsive support system to handle bug reports via email. Feedback from users will give you the features you need to develop the application, so you should listen to them.

Over the next few years, secure mobile application development will increasingly become a priority. Android and iOS will continue to compete for the top spot in the mobile application market. Therefore, developers can start improving existing security solutions as well as incorporating new ones. As long as consumers demand secure mobile applications, secure mobile application development will continue.

Most Preferred Mobile Applications in 2022

The list of the most preferred mobile applications in Turkey during the past year was announced in a report prepared by SensorTower. To see which ones are in the first 3 places:


Instagram, one of the most popular applications of social media, is at the top. This application, where users upload photos and videos and share them with their followers, is at the top all over the world!


Trendyol, an e-commerce site that provides ease of shopping, brings its users together with thousands of brands and products. The application has millions of users with the service it provides during and after the purchasing process.


Instant messaging application WhatsApp is among the platforms that make communication easiest. Thanks to WhatsApp, which provides free messaging, photo and video services, users can receive uninterrupted news from each other.



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