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What is Affiliate Marketing?

The term affiliate marketing, which we frequently encounter in the marketing world, is a type of marketing where many people can make money online today. So what is affiliate marketing, how does the affiliate marketing system work and what are its advantages? I will try to answer all your questions about affiliate marketing in my blog post.

Affiliate Marketing is represented by "CPA", which means "Cost Per Action". In this model, the Turkish meaning of "cost per transaction" is; There is the party that owns the product, i.e. the company/brand/affiliate website, and the party that advertises the product/service through its own efforts and network. Affiliate marketing is the Internet version of dropshipping in the most familiar and basic sense. Of course, we can say that affiliate marketing is an advanced model of traditional direct sales behavior.

Digital marketing is a marketing tool that allows you to promote your products or services electronically, which is more advantageous and popular than printed publications in today's technology.

We all know that it is possible to make money online with affiliate marketing, which means sales and marketing partnerships. People who use this marketing model reach other audiences through the referral links of the sites from which they receive affiliate marketing, as well as banners and links on various websites. They can achieve a certain percentage of their target audience.


How to Do Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? After the question, let's now come to the way the job is done. In fact, the logic of making money in the industry, that is, doing business, is quite simple. Stories about affiliate marketing often feature the methods of farmers and hunters. But I will tell you a little more in detail. Because the important thing in affiliate marketing is to have customers to sell to. This is where advertising comes into play. In this article, we will talk about the 2 most commonly used methods.

Opening a Blog

The most effective method of doing Affiliate Marketing is to start a blog. It means that your blog is suitable for your target audience and appeals to your audience. A customer-oriented and focused blog will help you be successful in Affiliate Marketing.

If your goal in blogging is affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to do about the topics you include in your blog is to think like a customer. Thinking like your target audience, i.e. your readers or subscribers, knows how to position yourself in front of your target audience in internet searches. By placing relevant advertising links in your blog posts, you can direct readers to the product you are marketing. This way, you direct people who visit your blog and this article and click on the article links to your affiliate marketing.

Internet Ads

Thanks to platforms such as Google Adwords, it is possible to reach the target audience quickly and easily.

However, there are some points to consider here;

You have to pay to advertise on the platforms.

Naturally, you need to plan these announcements better.

If the fees you earn from advertising are lower than what you spend on these platforms, you will be harmed and will not benefit.

That's why you need to make good optimization and planning when using these platforms.

Affiliate Marketing for Companies


From a brand/company perspective; If you are in your industry (price, logistics, distribution, production costs, etc.), you can make huge profits through affiliate marketing.

 Affiliate Marketing for People

From the user's perspective, you can sell products that do not belong to you or even have nothing to do with you by promoting them. Therefore, you can earn commission on every sale. In short, you can make very good money with affiliate marketing, which you can consider as a side income or direct income model.

Its Turkish equivalent is "affiliate marketing", which was developed based on the concept of receiving commission per sale made over the internet. Affiliate marketing, in its most basic sense, means a system used to make money online.

How Does Affiliate Marketing System Work?

affiliate marketingThere are basically three different parties in the Affialite Marketing system. suppliers, partners and consumers.

Seller (manufacturer):

A person or organization that sells and exhibits products. It generates income from the products sold by its partners and is the party that shares the profits with the partners.


It is the person or organization that promotes the products offered by the seller to potential consumers through the website, social media or other marketing channels. Here the partner's task is to make the product attractive to consumers and persuade them to buy it.

Affiliates appeal to many audiences or offer products to their own specific audiences. For example, travel blogs often include things like plane tickets. Makeup channels on YouTube not only earn commissions from products, but also generate income from cosmetic brands.


A product supported by a partner is referred to as the purchaser. The cost of the product purchased by the consumer is shared between the seller and the partner.

Generally, this is explained as earning commission on the product after sales.

What are the Advantages of Affiliate Marketing?


One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that since it is a completely commission-based system, you are not dependent on any company, such as a single company's sales team. If you're interested in affiliate marketing, you work for multiple companies and earn commissions from each.

24/7 Income Generating Opportunities

In affiliate marketing, you are neither dependent on a particular person or institution nor dependent on a computer. Users can buy the products you market whenever they want, so you can always make money in affiliate marketing.

Don't let customer support scare you

 One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is undoubtedly that you are not responsible for any actions related to your product. The manufacturer, that is, the brand, is entirely responsible for the sale, cancellation and return of the product.

Performance Based Award

Instead of working 180 hours a month and receiving a fixed salary, you earn performance-related income with affiliate marketing. This is where your skills come into play. You increase website traffic by writing interesting marketing campaigns. You gain visibility for the products you sell or increase sales. It is appropriate to use the phrase “the more bread, the more meatballs” for affiliate marketing. 🙂


Search engine optimization is an important part of affiliate marketing. Your website's visibility in search engines is very important for users to follow sales links. A website prepared with quality and SEO-compatible campaigns that complies with Google standards will bring you more traffic and help you increase your sales opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing Marketplace in the World


Türkiye’de olduğu gibi dünyada da affiliate pazarlama her geçen gün büyümeye devam ediyor. Araştırmalar, markalarının %80’inin bağlı kuruluş pazarlama programına dahil olduğunu ve Amerika’nın %39 pay ile bağlı kuruluş pazarlamasının öncüleri arasında olduğunu gösteriyor. Elbette, bağlı kuruluş pazarlaması için bir siteye sahip olmak gerekli değildir, ancak istatistikleri, dünyanın dört bir yanındaki bağlı kuruluşların bloglarından trafik aldığını gösteriyor.

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