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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR (Online Reputation Management), also known as Online PR, is actually the adaptation of PR work done in traditional media to new media channels.

We can describe the marketing, image and reputation work carried out in all digital media networks such as search engine, social media and e-mail as Digital PR, also known as Online Reputation Management.



Digital Pr

Traditional classical methods such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, flyers, billboards and bus wraps are used in traditional media. In digital advertising, your brand or products are advertised on the digital platforms where people are most active. It is more preferred because it creates an area where the internet user can internalize the product or service.

With the development of technology and the increase in internet usage, people are now slowly switching from traditional advertising to digital advertising in order to reach the right audience in their companies and because they spend most of their time in digital environments.


What is Digital PR and How is it Done?

What is Digital Pr

In its broadest definition, Digital PR can be explained as providing the services offered by public relations agencies in a virtual environment, thanks to their personas and the opportunity to communicate online with their customers.

Nowadays, with the growth of the power of the internet and social media

Communication activities that create, manage and change the digital impression and image of your brand can be explained within the scope of digital PR.



What does Digital Pr Include?

SEO Studies:

The most important area of digital PR is SEO. These efforts, which aim to produce useful and quality content through the right keywords, enable your brand to rise in search engines and reach the right target audience.

With SEO, websites become more visible in all search engines, especially Google, and increase their traffic.


Internal SEO Studies:

It means optimizing every page on your website, down to the smallest detail, and equipping it with search engine compatible content. Maximize your organic traffic by analyzing your industry, target audience, keywords and website; It is designed to increase rankings in Yandex and all other search engines (especially Google). A website that uses high-quality and optimized code will increase the number of customers and your business potential due to all the on-site work.


At the same time, having an on-site SEO arrangement can minimize the additional actions you take to promote your business. Because it is a quality website that is well optimized for search, will allow customers to notice you, and will offer them the opportunity to see your products and services in person.


External SEO (Off-Page SEO) Studies:

External SEO work refers to all interactions and sharing outside of your website. External SEO research can be called in to increase the visibility and popularity of a website.



A website that links to another website as a reference is called a backlink. Cleverly; If Google recommends a different site on its own, it will rely on a site that is safe and popular by Google. Therefore, the referring website will provide both traffic and popularity.

natural support

It refers to the redirection of website visitors to different websites. Therefore, a website that provides quality content to its visitors will provide traffic and popularity thanks to natural backlinks.

Brand Ambassador:

Collaborating with people with high followers who are followed by many people on social media can help your brand rise and be recognized quickly. However, the critical points here are how well the brand ambassador you will collaborate with can explain and convey your brand.

SEM Studies:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Search Engine Marketing in Turkish is the definition given to the work done to make brands more visible and more accessible on search engines.

SEM, also defined as search engine advertising, is the entire process of increasing traffic on websites by purchasing paid advertising on search engines. The most popular and frequently used SEM tool is Google Ads.


What are the Benefits of Digital PR?

Marketing-digitalWith online reputation management (Digital PR), you can increase the trust of your customers by getting rid of negative perceptions. So, let's see what benefits digital PR brings to us..


Increases Brand Awareness

Digital PR adds prestige to your brand by allowing brand awareness to increase.


Increases Traffic

Visitors of other sites that link to your brand's content can visit you through this link, thus contributing to increasing your organic traffic.


Creates Social Sharing

When you provide a flow of useful information to visitors from your brand's content, people share it on their social media accounts, allowing your brand's social media shares to increase naturally.


Provides Concrete Data to Measure Success

It is possible to monitor and analyze almost every aspect of the interaction rate in digital marketing. This gives you a roadmap to help you strategize better future campaigns for your brand, helping you identify what will work. Tools like Google Analytics help you track and analyze how your campaign is performing.

What are Digital PR Tools?

Considering that internet use and social media have taken up a lot of space in our lives in the last 10 years and that visitors spend most of their time on the internet, it is possible to understand the impact of social media.

There are various ways to conduct PR work in the digital environment.

At this point, it is worth noting that there are many tools. However, we list some of the methods that come to mind and are used extensively when Digital PR is mentioned;

Social Media

It is one of the most possible tools to actively carry out digital PR activities. Having a presence with your brand on platforms with millions of members and visitors, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, puts you one step ahead.


Blog posts that include details of your brand are a very effective method of stimulating curiosity.

It provides brand value and trust for your brand and product by giving recommendations.


Having a corporate website for your brand allows you to communicate professionally with people and direct them to your other connected social media.


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