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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In our world evolving with technology, new digital transformations have begun to come to the fore. The most prominent of these is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence... AI or artificial intelligence; It is a machine that imitates the human brain and can repeat itself systematically. Since this concept has just entered our lives, it is the subject of many science fiction movies, news and blog posts. The fact that people do not have enough knowledge on the subject and artificial intelligence is constantly advancing itself triggers curiosity. In this article; Let's try to satisfy some curiosity by talking about what artificial intelligence is, how it is used and its platforms.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Artificial intelligence In its simplest definition; It is a set of systems and machines that imitate human intelligence, in a way replace it, and develop according to the data they obtain, in order to perform the tasks defined for them. It is not a single technology, but a collection of technologies used to create machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. In other words, rather than a specific form or function, It is a super advanced thinking system. It is also about data analysis capability and process. Although this concept conjures up images of highly functional, human-like robots taking over the world, it is not designed to replace humans. It is designed to significantly enhance human capabilities and contributions. Therefore, it is an extremely valuable commercial asset. Artificial intelligence, It is a set of algorithms that allow computer applications to automatically acquire data and improve their performance with experience. It has a working system that uses the latest technology and many methods together.

Uses and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, It refers to intelligent machines designed to perform tasks normally associated with the human mind and intelligence. Today, it is used in healthcare, industry, business, education and many other applications and fields. We benefit from artificial intelligence in matters such as image, audio, written and audio text, and data processing. Facial recognition systems, voice response systems, which are frequently used today, online support assistants Actually A.I. is one of the leading products. It even provides important support in the diagnosis and treatment processes of many diseases.

Can be integrated into many areas AI applications It also has important areas of use for the financial sector. Virtual – online assistants can be used in issues such as damage and risk management and cyber security. It should also be praised for its success in detecting malware in the field of cyber security. In fact, artificial intelligence systems are used to prevent these detected malware. Artificial intelligence is used to solve many unmanned tasks. Perhaps the most interesting of these are the systems found in unmanned vehicles. In this way, the possibility of driver-related accidents can be minimized.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms We Can Benefit from

Finally, let's talk about a few platforms that will be very useful to us. These platforms, which are products of artificial intelligence, will make our lives easier in areas such as content production, design and software.


DALL-E, It is an artificial intelligence supporter that creates images from written texts, launched by OpenAI. This program, which you can start using just by registering, is completely free. Dall-e is a program that turns ideas into visuals. It helps users turn their thoughts and ideas into real-world things through photos and designs. It is considered one of the most successful examples in the world. The biggest advantage of this program is that you can use it directly through your internet browser.

Chat GPT

ChatGPT, It was launched by OpenAI on November 30, 2022. artificial intelligence It is a chat robot. It processes topics from different fields in its system. It allows for more dynamic and interesting conversations by adapting its responses to the user's demands. You can use it in many language options, including Turkish.

Copy Ai

copy.ai It is an artificial intelligence-powered application that helps people create content. Product descriptions, digital advertising text, blog contents, Instagram It allows you to create captions and more. The app is not free for now and requires purchase after the trial period. It offers many language options, including Turkish. Copy.ai automatically suggests relevant keywords and phrases in your post. This makes it easy to create high-quality content quickly and easily. Additionally, keyword density and SEO Automatically scores based on various factors such as compatibility.


Assembly Ai is a software that transcribes speech and gives meaning to it. It is an artificial intelligence program. This program, which you can use for speech recognition, speaker detection, speech summarization and more, is very systematic. Thousands of groundbreaking initiatives and dozens of global organizations use it for mission-critical workloads.

Project Shasta

Project Shasta is Adobe's web-based, AI-powered audio recording and editing tool that will make podcast publishing easier. It allows you to upload your audio files in ultra clear and high quality. Everyone participating in the podcast will have their audio recorded locally and then re-synced in the cloud. Moreover, sound quality artificial intelligence powered Therefore, it will be at studio recording standards.


Lensa, It is a photo enhancement and correction application created by OpenAi. In the words of the creators of the application, it manages to take photos to the next level thanks to the magic touch. It offers features such as close-up facial retouching, improving flaws, changing or blurring the background. You can also do special effects and framing. This has advanced features artificial intelligence The program will allow your photos to reach another dimension.


Midjourney, It is a new artificial intelligence platform that is in beta phase. Dall-e Although it has some similarities with , it actually has a different software. Imagine a picture and start describing it with words. The important thing at this point is to feed it with rich words. Midjourney owns the picture you describe. artificial intelligence It can combine its power and create the drawing of your dreams. It is also a very important detail that the application works via Discord and does not require a high-power computer.


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