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What is Real Time Marketing?

What is real-time marketing or real time marketing? Real-time marketing is a study of hot topics and trends to make a splash on social media. With the development of social media, brands and agencies began to prioritize this strategic work. Because real time advertising efforts are very effective for marketing your business or promoting your content.


What is Real Time Marketing?

Real time MarketingIt means marketing carried out according to rapidly rising and popular topics. In this marketing tactic that prioritizes up-to-dateness, content production should be done as soon as possible. For this reason, your posts should be made quickly, with your brand's identity, humorously, intelligently and sincerely. Especially social mediaIf you are broadcasting in a news outlet, using very serious language will not make you stand out at all.


Essential Elements for Real-Time Marketing

  1. Making good use of time is one of the most important factors for real-time marketing. It is necessary to adapt a viral movement to the product or service at the right time to create a viral effect.
  2. Real time marketing activities are often prepared with a catchy message or visual. Therefore, the right slogan should be short, creative and convey the message directly.
  3. If you are an advertiser or want to highlight your brand, you should look at what everyone else is looking at from a different perspective. Because in order to use your time well and create good content, you must first be creative.

Real Time Marketing with its Advantages

real time marketing, brand awareness It is the act of interacting with customers in real time to acquire or increase and convert. Thanks to real-time marketing, companies become permanent in the customer's mind. real time marketing It reaches more audiences with its works and increases its popularity.

Real Time Marketing is a part of digital marketing strategies. It is used especially effectively on social media platforms. Using this strategy, companies create direct interaction with customers. Meets customers' needs at the right time and in the right way.

Real-time marketing allows companies to track instant trends and organize marketing campaigns in line with the trends. In this way, companies produce content that suits the interests and needs of their customers and establish a more sincere bond with them. Additionally, thanks to real-time marketing, companies quickly respond to their customers' instant demands. Thus, it increases customer satisfaction.

However, real-time marketing strategy is counterproductive if not used correctly. It damages the reputation of the brand. Therefore, companies must carefully plan and implement real-time marketing strategy. Additionally, the real-time marketing strategy must respect customers' privacy and protect customers' privacy rights.

Real Time Marketing Example

As a successful real time marketing example, we can show a social media post prepared for Tekzen. The “Sunny Side Up” egg cooking technique, which went viral on the internet thanks to an Influencer, was adapted to Tekzen's pans. This post was highly appreciated by social media users.

Sunny Side Up-Tekzen-real time marketing

Sunny Side Up-Tekzen-real time marketing


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