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What is Sem?

SEM, or search engine marketing in short, is one of the important concepts of digital marketing. You can use search engine marketing to increase your income by reaching your target audience. What is Sem? If you are curious, you can read the rest of the article. You can find features of search engine marketing.

What is Sem?

Search engine marketingIt is an optimization work that makes you visible on search engines and allows you to reach users more easily. Brands, companies or businesses use SEM to increase visibility on search engines. We can say that SEM is a study that is confused with SEO or is not as known as SEO. SEM And SEO The biggest difference between them is that one is a paid search engine service and the other is a free search engine service. Thanks to search engine marketing, or SEM, you become visible to users by ranking above organic results in search results.

With SEM, the ads you place through the search engine are displayed to users at the bottom or top of all relevant searches. Before carrying out an SEM study, you need to select keywords where these related searches may occur and do research on it. If keywords do not highlight the right place, SEM studies will not be successful. We have also mentioned in our articles about SEO how important keywords are in search engines. Therefore, one should always choose his keywords well. An analysis should be made regarding this before starting SEO or SEM studies.

How Does Sem Work?

After determining your keywords and analyzing the search results you want to appear, you can create SEM. This way, users can see your web page at the top of the relevant results.

your SEM studies Google ADS, Facebook Business etc. You can easily control it via platforms. Thanks to the ads you place on Google ADS, you can appear to the top users with the keywords you specify until your advertising budget runs out.


As we mentioned above, the difference between SEM and SEO is that one is a paid search engine and the other is a free search engine. In SEO, you can take part in organic rankings with correct, holistic content that you create entirely with keywords. In SEM, there is a certain advertising budget. You can rank higher by placing paid ads with the keywords you want. In SEO studies, achieving organic top rankings is difficult and takes a long time. Results are achieved faster in SEM studies. You can get the traffic you want in a shorter time.

The logic in SEM studies is to get quick results. On the other hand, SEO studies aim to get organic rankings with a long work. SEO work leaves you with a stronger place at the end of long work. In SEM studies, when your advertising fee ends, your place in the search results ends.

For many users, SEM studies that appear with the phrase "advertisement" in search results can give the impression of a poor quality or unsafe website. However, there is clearly a difference in concept and goal between the two studies. Both working systems show search engines what they want or need.


Thanks to SEM, or search engine marketing, you can reach your target audience more easily by increasing your brand awareness. Isn't one of the most important issues for a brand to create brand awareness? By reaching your users with low advertising budgets, you can create service and name recognition and expand your customer base.

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