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11 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Brands, organizations, and institutions use social media platforms every day to connect with their audiences, raise awareness, and drive leads and business.

Brands can spread effectively on these platforms. However, just because a brand has 1000 Facebook followers or a social media account with 10,000 Instagram followers does not mean that it uses social media accounts correctly!

You may have thousands of followers who have never read your messages or clicked on your links. The goal is for your ideal fans to actively engage with your content, share it on their own social media accounts, and eventually convert into paying customers.

Yes, setting up something like this requires serious professional work, and even if you work hard, it can take a serious amount of time to make it happen.

Good for your accounts digital agency If you're not working with, things can be even more difficult.

Do you want to grow your social media audience? In this article, we will look at 11 simple suggestions for keeping track of your social media.

1. Organize contests

Contests can be a great way to get new users to like and follow you, as well as engage your existing fans with your page.

It's worth trying contests on every social network you're active on. Some examples of social media contests:

  • Comment more to win – Have your followers write a comment or answer a question.
  • Fill in the Blank Competition – Ask your followers to answer a fill-in-the-blank question.
  • photo contest – Have them compete by taking the best photo and saying the one with the most likes wins the contest.


Tips for a successful social media contest:

  • Promote it everywhere – Use your website, email list and other social media accounts to increase your engagement.
  • Don't give rewards completely unrelated to your brand – For example, if you give away a new iPad, you can generate a lot of interest and participation. But these will not be your potential customers in the future.
  • Follow platform rules – Each social platform has its own rules and regulations regarding contests. Be sure to review these before starting the contest.
  • Contact non-winning participants – Thank them for participating in the contest.
  • Get permission from the National Lottery – Many brands are not aware that their competitions are illegal. For every competition to be held in Turkey, first of all lotteryYou must get approval from .

2. Add an image to each post

A good visual is a must on social media. Images perform well on social media, so be sure to include an eye-catching, colorful image or video with each post.

HubSpot Consider these visual marketing statistics compiled by:

  • Content with images delivers % 94 more views than content without images.
  • Compared to other types of content, content with images is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.
  • Instagram photos showing faces have % 38 more likes than photos without faces.

To add graphics to your social media posts Canvas You can use free graphic design tools like .

3. Share more videos

Video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform. So to maximize engagement, it might be a good idea to create at least some type of video content.

Upload your video to an external website (YouTube Make sure you upload directly to your platform of choice rather than posting a link (e.g., etc.). This will autoplay your video, attracting more attention as users browse.

Many views of your videos lead to increased reach, engagement and exposure for your brand.

4. Be proactive about listening and responding to your followers

Did you know that % 83 of your Instagram fans and % 71 of your Twitter followers expect answers to their questions on the same day? In fact, of Twitter users now expect a response within just 30 minutes.

Give your followers a good user experience on social by being highly responsive. Listen to their needs and respond accordingly. Because if you satisfy your followers, they are more likely to become your social media ambassadors.

5. Change your page profile photos and cover photos from time to time.

Your profile photos and banners are your best and most viewed elements. You can use these areas, updating them from time to time, to show the impact of your work and the stories of those who benefit from your services.

For example, change your cover photo at least once a month on Facebook, or use your profile picture and banner photo to highlight your work on Twitter.

Don't just stretch and pixelate a horizontal version of your logo. No one wants to look at a logo on social media and contact you. Humanize your designs and make you feel special.

Also, make sure you're using the correct social media image sizes for each platform.

6. Give people a reason to follow you

Give both your potential and existing followers a reason to follow you on multiple platforms. For example, while you can use Twitter to share the latest news and real-time alerts, you can use Instagram to tell more engaging, longer stories about the people who benefit from your business.

Consider the strengths of each social media channel and give people a good reason to connect with you there. What do you value? What do you offer that will persuade them to stay tuned?

Consider the reasons people use each network and create a plan to engage your audience

7. Encourage tagging

Encouraging your followers to tag other people can give you an advantage. If you share an inspiring quote, users who see a post like “Tag a friend who is interested in this” and have not contacted you before may join your social media followers.

However, there is a point to pay attention to. – do not use this method constantly. Also make sure you use it sensibly. Otherwise, the comments made may look like spam.

8. Use hashtags to help people find you

There are two great ways to use hashtags to increase your social media following:

a) Use popular hashtags strategically and sparingly

Considering there are thousands of hashtags out there – first do some research on their volume to find hashtags that are relevant to your audience and content.

b) Participating in relevant trending topics and current events

Check your Twitter feed regularly to see what's trending for the day.

For example, to engage your followers on Monday #PMondaySyndrome You can use the hashtag.

Users who search this hashtag may come across your post and even follow you.

9. Be fun, keep up with trends and use humor

Brands that show some humanity and humor perform well on social media. Any content you share needs to make sense for your brand. There is no point in sharing cat memes on an unrelated account just because cat memes get a lot of likes. Even if such posts are liked, they can create a huge disadvantage for your brand.

For Tekzen, where we are the social media agency #dollypartonchallenge The post we prepared within the scope of the project attracted a lot of attention and received good interaction.

10. Discover sponsored ads

Using social media ads will be a vital solution to increase your social media success.

One of the best ways to grow your audience and get more exposure is to invest a modest amount in paid social advertising. Ads can promote your content and increase conversions or help you reach new people.

Audience targeting means targeting your ads to “relevant” audiences (visitors of your website).Facebook pixel (if you use it) allows you to focus on people who subscribe to your email list, existing fans, and followers.

11. Don't buy followers and likes

Some people think that buying fans and followers is a shortcut to building a large online community. This will become much more of a problem than you think. If you buy followers, your audience and your audience's predictions will be distorted. Your ongoing performance will be limited or the organic reach of your posts will be restricted and contaminated with robot profiles. You should focus on creating posts and sharing information that will attract the right people. When used strategically or thoughtfully, social media platforms can be a great way for brands and organizations to connect with users, build loyal followers, and expand your audience.

Do some of these tactics you didn't think you were doing for your social media accounts today!