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2023 Digital Marketing Trends

As Istcode, we love to follow innovations in digital marketing and renew ourselves. Yes, seeing “what is hot and what is cool” requires forethought and experience. We start our article by saying a little bit of feeling and a little bit of foresight on the subject we specialize in. Now let's take a look at the 7 most basic digital marketing communication techniques and technologies that we will use in 2023.

v1. Omnichannel Marketing

One of the important processes regarding digital transformation is integrating digital areas into multiple channels and keeping customer experiences at a satisfactory level.

We will start to hear the concept of omnichannel more from now on. Alright omnichannel marketing Do you know what it is?

In fact, it is possible to briefly define it as “everything, every kind”. In multi-channel marketing, the customer reaches and interacts with touch points on all channels.
So to give an example:
Your customer can discover your products on your e-commerce site, try them in your physical store, order from your social media networks, and report their problem via e-mail.

This end-to-end service combines online and offline assets and brings a quality and accessible service approach from anywhere.

2. New Technologies

Marketing and brand development strategies are what drive the growth of a business. That's why it's so important to have a solid infrastructure and planning before you start working on digital tactics. If your tactical plan is not strong enough, unfortunately your digital tactics will be wasted.

For example, creating a responsive website is now a classic service. This year, Google pointed out the importance of download speed and performance metrics.

In the new year, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Advanced Web Applications It is anticipated that technologies such as (PWA) will begin to be used more. It is stated that with these technologies, site speeds will increase, advanced customer participation will increase, rankings will rise in organic searches and the number of views will increase significantly.

3. Social Media Trends

With the latest report published last month, we observe that there have been quite large changes in the use of social networks between 2016 and 2018, especially in the "age" category.

Facebook is Now a 55+ Age Centered Platform

Çok değil, 4-5 sene öncesine gidelim. 2015 yılında %71 olan Facebook usage rate, 2018 sonlarında %51’e kadar gerilemiş durumda. Üstelik kullanan %51’lik kısımın bir çoğu 55+ yaş ve üstü kullanıcılar.
Predictions show this. Facebook usage rate will continue to decrease in 2023. That's why you should choose the platform you will invest in carefully by following all analyzes and rates.

18-34 Age Group Now Prefers Instagram

Again, considering the usage rates, excluding YouTube, Instagram is the most popular and most used platform of recent times. digital marketing platform. We can say that this is where brands, especially those targeting young audiences, should invest.

It can be seen that the usage rate between platforms is constantly changing depending on various reasons. When creating a marketing plan for your brand, do not forget to keep up with changes and develop a strategy accordingly.

4. Email Marketing

It is difficult to find a new innovation in email marketing (aka mailing) techniques. The main thing you need to do is provide a good user experience.

Don't Neglect UI/UX Compatibility in Mailing

We can say that design is the lifeblood of an e-mail that makes a newsletter attract attention. For this purpose, you should carefully consider the suitability of the e-mail you have prepared on the smartphone and the aspects that will strengthen the interaction. Today mobile usage rate %92’lere çıktığını ve düzgün görüntülemeyen maillerin markanıza faydadan çok zarar getireceğini unutmayın.

Compare and Analyze Results

We can say that mailing is one of the main marketing methods that will help you increase your sales, where the ability to offer the right product to the right user increases. Tracking the performance of the e-mail you send and preparing the next campaign based on the data obtained from these results will increase your mailing performance.

Allow Users Who Do Not Want Emails to Leave the Newsletter List

For those who want to unsubscribe, always use phrases such as “Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. Otherwise, forcing people to subscribe to the newsletter will damage your brand identity.

5. Google Analytics

Systems like Google Analytics are stable in terms of reporting and functionality. Community feedback is essential to improving customers' opinions of products and making them easier to buy.

The free Google tool (except the Premium version) provides complete answers to questions such as where your guests coming to your e-shop came from, why they went, which keyword they brought. You can also direct updates to your site with the detailed device or browser report you can get from Analytics.

6. Paid Ads

Digital media is important in terms of demanding production and branding, but doing it effectively and actively is even more important!

Giving paid advertising in digital channels will give you privilege over algorithms that put you in the background. Unfortunately, crucial changes are taking place on the most used digital platforms every day. The images and content you share are no longer even published in the feeds of some of your followers. Use paid ads to retain your customers and reach potential new customers in the new year.

7. Influencer / Affilate Marketing

In 2018, Influencer/Affilate marketing method was frequently preferred by many brands. It looks like they will choose it this year too.

Influencer Marketing Expands Your Customer Base

Popular people or accounts you work with will share posts that will highlight your products and direct their target audiences to you. Especially working with accounts or people who have a target audience similar to your customer base will bring potential customers to your brand.

Influencer Marketing It is a method that we think will be used frequently in 2023.

Affilate Marketing Minimizes Your Advertising Expense Risk

We define Affilate Marketing as the marketing method in which you pay a commission fee based on the turnover you achieve in sales. We witnessed many outstanding successful examples last year. Brands will want to reduce the cost and risk of an unsuccessful advertising strategy to very minimal levels. That's why they won't give up on Affilate in 2023 either.

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