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Pro Vision Of The Future That Apple Is The Platform?

Apple announced that Apple Vision Pro will go on sale on February 2. Although Apple Vision Pro has been awaited by Apple followers for a long time, it became the focus of a large audience after it went on sale. Vision Pro is like a face-worn computer, but instead of a physical screen, it's projected directly to your eyes with two very small but high-resolution screens in front of you. It works by tracking the user's eye and gestures, without a keyboard, mouse or touch screen.

With the introduction of Vision Pro, Apple brought to mind the times when the iPhone was first released. These statements started to be talked about in the industry for Vision Pro, just like the revolutionary iPhone. 

Apple calls the Vision Pro a spatial computer. The device can use any physical space around you as a canvas to display digital outputs, so this naming is actually apt. 

What are the features of Vision Pru?

The first of the most important features of the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality glasses is that they are not operated with a controller. For navigation, selection, and dictation, you need to control the device with your eyes, hands, and voice rather than the controller. This is one of the most capabilities of the device that increases the reality experience. For example, if you want to go to a specific application in the “Home” view, you can do this by simply turning your head and looking at the application. All you have to do is touch your fingers to select an item, tap to scroll, and shout your commands to the device. Apple VR glasses also attract attention with the following features:

  • Apple VR glasses; It has M2 processor, 12 different cameras, 5 sensors, 6 microphones. The M2 processor ensures that all these systems run smoothly, while the device uses the R1 chip to process data.
  • When two of the cameras use augmented reality mode, they transmit more than a billion pixels per second to the screen to depict the real world around you. Other cameras are used for 3D mapping by analyzing your head and hand movements.
  • Infrared illuminators improve tracking of your hand movements in low light conditions.
  • LIDAR depth sensors determine the size and position of objects in your environment.
  • R1 chip with M1 processor; It offers 8 times faster speed when navigating between images and applications than Apple's M1 processor. The R1 chip is responsible for all information from the camera, sensors and microphones. With the R1 chip, Apple Vision Pro transfers images to the screen within 12 milliseconds.
  • It works with two high-resolution displays, each appearing 100 feet wide, to produce 23 million pixels, creating 4K video.
  • All sound chambers feature two individually powered drivers that provide “Personalized Spatial Sound” according to the user's own head and ear structure. These drivers make sound feel like it's coming from around you.
  • The lenses of the Apple Vision Pro glasses feature an LED ring as well as cameras that provide a high-performance eye tracking system. In this way, the device can understand which way you are looking. It can also use high-performance eye tracking so you can control the interface.
  • When you operate the device for the first time, you need to create a 3D digital ID. Thanks to your digital identity, the device recognizes your gestures and body language.
  • It recognizes your eyes using a method called “Optical ID” to unlock the device, verify passwords, and complete purchases. All data from this system, known as iris recognition, is stored in the Apple-specific “Secure Enclave” processor for your security.
  • Iris recognition for Optical ID uses LED illumination technology with four infrared cameras located inside the glasses.
  • With its user agreement, Apple guarantees that where you look in virtual and augmented reality will remain private and that third-party companies will not track your eye movements.
  • The button on the top of the Apple VR glasses allows you to take spatial photos and videos using the device's 3D cameras. It is possible to view spatial photos and videos taken with Vision Pro with augmented reality whenever you want.
  • With its EyeSight feature, it allows people looking at you to see your eyes. This feature also helps others understand when you are taking spatial photos or videos.

In addition, Apple Vision Pro does not have a built-in battery to avoid weight. Instead, there is a battery integrated into the device. This battery offers up to 2 hours of battery life on a single charge. However, if you want to use the device for more than 2 hours, it is possible to operate it while it is connected to the adapter.

What can you do with Vision Pro?

The headset can run Apple applications such as Books, Camera, Contacts, FaceTime, Email, Messages, Maps, Music, Notes, Photos, Safari, and more. It also launched with 600 new apps for Vision Pro, including Zoom, Microsoft 365, Slack, Todoist, and more.

Vision Pro advantages

The biggest advantage of the Apple VR glasses model is that it offers VR and AR together. So users can push the limits of the real world. While experiencing the virtual world in its most realistic form, he can do all the work he does on his desktop computer and mobile phone on the giant screens reflected by his glasses. Since the transitions between these screens are controlled by hand, eye and head movements, the working experience becomes fun. In addition, the Apple VR model brings the following advantages:

  • You can extend the movie or digital content you're watching up to 100 feet. This gives you the bigger screen than the movie theater.
  • Games become more enjoyable with Apple Vision Pro. Those who purchase the glasses can experience over 100 games via Apple Arcade on a screen of any size they want.
  • In video conferences, Vision Pro uses a map of the room around you so you can see everyone you're talking to in life-size tiles. Thanks to spatial audio, the voices of the people you are talking to come towards you from the direction of the tiles.
  • Thanks to the eye tracking system, you do not need any accessories to play games. This is because the device recognizes you through its sensors. However, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, trackpad and game controllers can be connected to Apple Vision Pro.
  • It can take spatial photos and videos in 3D with Vision Pro. Thanks to VR and AR technologies, the moments you recorded can be experienced again.
  • Thanks to Apple Vision Pro, you can spread your work onto a virtual monitor in an area where everyone in the room can't see it. This increases your efficiency in your work.
  • Nowadays, where the metaverse universe, which has gained a different dimension with AI technologies, is increasingly popular, the device has all the hardware that supports experiencing the virtual reality universe in the best way and interacting with people.

Apple Vision Pro price

Vision Pro has a high price tag of 3500 USD, or approximately 110 Thousand TL, for the basic storage model. Apple also offers two additional storage options: you can get access to 512GB models for $3700 and 1TB models for $3900. The box includes headphones, battery, headband, cover, a light pillow, polishing cloth, USB-C power adapter and USB-C charging cable.

When we look at its features, advantages and price, do you think Apple Vision Pro is worth buying? Express your thoughts on the subject in the comments!