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Istcode Started Using Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Processes

With the rapid advancement of technology, innovative approaches and digital transformations are seen in many areas in the business world. In this context, Istcode In our recruitment processes as artificial intelligence We would like to inform you that we have started using technology. We believe that this step will make our recruitment processes more efficient and provide a better experience for our candidates.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Processes

We think that artificial intelligence will provide many benefits in recruitment processes. First, the artificial intelligence-supported candidate evaluation platform that we will use in the pre-selection process. meetgate We also plan to use it in performance interviews. In this way, we aim to determine the most suitable candidates by quickly evaluating a large amount of applications.

We may need to keep some meetings short, especially during busy business periods. We believe that thanks to artificial intelligence-supported interviews, we can evaluate the abilities and suitability of candidates more objectively.

Reliability and Efficiency

As Istcode, we are aware of the increase in reliability and efficiency brought by the use of artificial intelligence. Therefore, we meticulously apply artificial intelligence technology in our recruitment processes. However, we would like to emphasize that artificial intelligence technology does not completely eliminate the human factor. We ensure that artificial intelligence-supported decisions in our recruitment processes are subject to human review and that candidates are always evaluated fairly.

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As Istcode, we shared with you the advantages and important steps of starting to use artificial intelligence in our recruitment processes in this blog post. You can also start your career with Istcode digital agency If you are considering continuing with Career You can complete your application by choosing your area of expertise on our page and give us the chance to meet both our artificial intelligence expert and us.

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