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Digital Advertising Trends: What's Happening in the Industry?

The digital advertising industry, which develops together with digital marketing that constantly develops and leaves no dust behind, is remembered with a different idea every period. What is the secret of success behind these successful advertisements that come up with completely different ideas and leave a mark on people's minds? 

While the trends that emerge with new technologies and changing consumer behavior every year shake social media, the digital advertising director in turn feeds on these trends and includes them in his advertisements.

So, what is happening in digital advertising in 2024? Let's take a look at the latest trends in the industry:

Artificial Intelligence Supported Digital Ads:

Artificial intelligence (AI)continues to become an important part of digital advertising. Artificial intelligence; It has a great impact on areas such as ad targeting, content personalization, optimizing ad performance and analyzing consumer behavior. In this way, advertisers can create more effective and target-oriented campaigns. The acceleration of artificial intelligence and the retirement of third-party cookies towards the end of this year have brought the industry to a turning point. With increasing regulations, Google Ads and other marketing units of Google emphasize the importance they give to people's data and privacy. Artificial intelligence, which you can use to improve your social strategy and increase demand for your product, has now become the leading technology used by advertisers worldwide, and many of its features are available to users for free. 

Video Content Advertisements:

As the rise of video content continues, interesting ads can be watched over and over again. This increases the reach to visitors, both for the memorability of the product and by increasing the number of video views. Video content advertisements continue to attract attention on social media, television and technological outdoor venues. It is known that online videos are the most effective medium for long-term brand campaigns and sales-oriented campaigns. Users who say that they find most of the content on YouTube that is not available on television or elsewhere say that they watch YouTube as much as television - or even more. This means that an ad you place on YouTube will be watched by thousands of people on one of Turkey's favorite platforms. Sometimes brands bring different formats together and present them to the audience in a regular content, thus focusing on a single target with different formats and this increases the efficiency of the advertisement.

 The scope of video content is very wide. This scope includes live broadcast videos, interactive videos or animations, any animated video you can think of. 

Influencers and Marketing:

 Nowadays, everyone has a favorite, a famous personality they follow, and following this person for a long time creates a bond of interpersonal trust. A brand recommended by influencers whose stories and lives you follow every day reaches many consumers like you who trust influencers, thanks to the recommendation or advertisement of the person you trust. Influencers can also participate in digital advertising with videos by shooting short and long videos in areas such as 'Youtube Shorts' or 'Instagram Story'. People prefer to include the services promoted by influencers they are interested in in their lives. This becomes one of the most intimate parts of the digital advertising age.

The Importance That Brands Give to Emotions:

In the new digital world, brands are now developing strategies to connect their identities with their customers and get a lifetime consumption guarantee from their customers. Emotional marketing aims to increase brand loyalty by targeting consumers' emotions. Through storytelling, emotional content and human-centered approaches, brands are trying to establish deep connections with consumers. Brands that want to draw new and potential customers closer to themselves through emotional bonds also strengthen their ties with loyal customers through these emotions. The emotion-oriented approaches they use in their advertisements ensure success in the digital media. In this way, when consumers establish an emotional bond with the brand, brand loyalty and preference increases. 

With the latest news and updates, the discontinuation of cookies and cookies may be difficult for advertisers due to the importance Google attaches to personal data privacy. Brands aim to direct users to physical stores by offering ads tailored to their location. In this way, while the user experience is improved, sales are also increased. Data privacy and transparency issues are becoming one of the major obstacles to digital advertising. Protecting consumers' personal data and advertisers' transparency regarding data use are among the key elements of creating a reliable brand image.

digital advertising Keeping up with constantly changing trends in the world of business becomes an important factor for brands to be successful. Therefore, advertisers need to constantly follow the developments in the industry and update their strategies accordingly.

The key to success in digital advertising is for brands to adapt to trends and constantly update their strategies. Therefore, it is important for advertisers to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions.