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How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

Many Instagram users are not familiar with how exactly the Instagram algorithm works. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri made some statements on this issue. These explanations will help users better understand how they can use Instagram to optimize feed, stories, and reels performance.

How Does the Algorithm Work in Different Departments?

Adam Mosseri

Mosseri, Instagram algorithm In his article, he touches upon a subject that some users misunderstand. Adam Mosseri clearly states in his article that Instagram does not have a single algorithm. He emphasizes that each section has a special algorithm suitable for its own usage habits. It states that they take into account the latest posts shared by people you follow in the Feed section and the posts of accounts we think you may be interested in.

Mosseri, main Instagram feed He says there are four main factors that affect his ranking.

  1. Posts you like, share, save or comment on help us understand content that may be of interest to you.
  2. How popular a post is, how many people liked it, how quickly it was liked, commented, shared and saved, etc.
  3. The people you interact with and how much you interact with those people over the weeks.
  4. Your interaction history with a particular user. How much interaction you provide with this person.

Mosseri states that the content format is shaped according to your interests and says:If we notice that you prefer photos, we will show you more photos.”

Instagram Feed is Powered by Artificial Intelligence

in April Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram akışınızın yaklaşık %40’ının artık A.I. He stated that he was supported by. Therefore, most of the content shown here consists of recommendations from accounts that Instagram thinks you might be interested in. In addition, there are also updates from the people you follow and interact with.

Adam Mosseri Instagram He also states in his article how and according to what the stories are ordered.

“We try to estimate how much time you might spend on a story, like, share, or visit the user's profile. "The more likely you are to take one of these actions, the higher you may see that person's story."

All these factors give you a personalized Instagram experience.

Ranking Factors of Instagram Reels

Reels Ranking Factors

Instagram, a popular social media platform, allows users to engage with stories and short video content called Reels. Adam Mosseri, also shared some information about how reels videos are ranked.

Reels that you have liked, saved, shared, commented on and interacted with recently are taken into account. These events help identify relevant content for you. Reels How you've interacted with the sharer before gives an idea of how interested you might be.

Mosseri also notes that watermarked or low-resolution reels will have less reach, while reels that are silent or contain mostly text may rank lower.

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