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Things to Consider When Creating Content

Social media is an important channel for brands to communicate with their target audiences or increase brand awareness. Digital marketing, like social media, has become an important concept for businesses today. Being digital and marketing products alone is not a sufficient solution for brands. Being active in the digital world or being able to influence the user is one of the important dynamics in social media. Creating content, or rather creating good content, is important for brands and businesses. In order to communicate with your target audience and increase your brand awareness, you should prioritize the "content" part. Social media management and content creation It may seem easy and simple to you at first; However, many brands fall behind their competitors because they cannot create a good management and strategy. Behind good social media management and content creation lies detailed study, analysis and originality.

Creating Content for Social Media


The first thing brands should do when creating content for social media is to look at it from the customer's perspective. What users need, what impresses them, or what they want to know when buying a product…

A brand that knows its customers well and feeds them in line with their needs and desires stands out from its competitors. Okay sHow to prepare social media content let's see...

When preparing content for a product, listing features that are not included in the product does not leave a good impression on the brand for the customer. Therefore, brands should do planning and research to reduce the margin of error when preparing content. Producing your business' social media content yourself can be challenging in getting good traffic. A good digital agency working with producing content for social media You can get support regarding.

Things to Consider When Creating Content

Length of Content

The length of the content you want to create is one of the most important points. Many users ignore long and endless texts and similar sentences before completing reading.

Therefore, before you start creating content, you should prepare what you need to start from in a planned manner and proceed accordingly. The articles you share with users should be simple and catchy.


One of the most important criteria in a content is the originality of the content. Determining your place not only in terms of your readers but also in search engines, SEO You should pay attention to this item, which is a very affecting issue. To create content, you must do research and address what is not mentioned on that topic.


If you want to get traffic to your brand account or website and interact with users, you should definitely include hashtags in your content. Hashtags that are current and related to your brand will have an impact on your posts. Hashtags will allow you to reach more users. Being successful in content production One of the foundations is good use of disease.


When sharing your content, be sure to support it with the right visuals. Just seeing text will not please users. Content supported by video and visuals will receive more interaction.

Language and Style

If you have a brand and digital identity If you want to create, language and style are the most important elements of this identity. The language and style you will use in your content should continue the same in all your other content. This language that you will choose should carry your own brand and be worthy of the brand stance.

Would you like to create content suitable for your brand and target audience? Having an active and interactive identity in digital? We help you stay up to date on your communication strategies by keeping up with social media trends. Istcode Digital Agency is with you in all areas of social media and digital marketing!