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Web 3.0 Era on the Internet

The internet and the ways people use it are constantly changing. Web 3.0 is the third major version of the World Wide Web, allowing users to access information via computers or mobile devices. The first web created appeared in 1989 as Web 1.0. In 2005, Web 2.0 developed. Dynamic content has added social media features to internet life, such as apps, blogging or peer-to-peer networks.

The web is no longer just documents and hypertext links. Web 3.0 is a decentralized open infrastructure that allows users to interact with data in real time. Web 3.0 developers are working to create new technology that is safer and more secure than what we currently have. We look forward to the innovations and developments it will bring to internet life in the coming period.

What is Web 3.0?



The third generation internet is a system in development, where there is no central or authoritarian system. In the new generation internet, an individual, that is, user-oriented version stands out. It differs from existing systems because it has certain standards and protocols to support it. Web 3.0, without a single authority like blockchain It has a decentralized structure.

Over the past year web 3.0, blockchain It has become a hot topic in the world. It emerged as a coherent concept supported by various projects. Although aspects of Web 3.0 are still being defined, transparency, better security and decentralization We can say that it is about making the internet “more seamless” through Although we do not know exactly when it will be integrated into our lives, some technology companies have started their work on Web 3.0.

What awaits us with Web 3.0?


Web 3.0, content production artificial intelligence It refers to a new web technology implemented by. Well artificial intelligence Data is collected thanks to software that works with technology. Thus, it is reproduced in a way that is compatible with the user. This can be used not just for search results, but for things like gathering information about a user's preferences and providing them with customized services. Many platforms have already started to renew themselves to be compatible with this technology. When it becomes actively involved in our lives in the future, faster and more adapted information will be transferred to the user with this technology. Users will not have to use different platforms to communicate with other users. A decentralized network system With this feature, users will be able to communicate with each other more easily.

Web 3.0 2023 Trends


  • NFT

The need for NFTs is increasing in various fields, especially digital art and music. As a result of this need and blockchain technology, NFTs are becoming more widely used.

  •  Decentralized Applications

Decentralized applications are applications or DApps Also called decentralization. This term describes a new ecosystem where users can own their data or maintain control of their financial actions and transactions.

  • Blockchain Usage

Blockchain enables the creation of a decentralized network where everyone owns their own data and can easily grant access to it. blockchain, It makes it possible for anyone to create and share reliable personal data. It gives every user control of secure digital information.

  • Code Software

Web 3.0 also provides advantages for inexperienced users who do not know how to code. We expect users to simplify the app creation process and improve user experiences by using drag-and-drop commands.

Web 3.0 User Platforms


To the third generation of the web We have entered. With this change in technology, many applications will be replaced by decentralized applications. blockchain With the growth of technology, many decentralized platforms are emerging that will have an impact on user experience. Some of these decentralized applications are already being used by people.

Brave is a web browser with integrated ad blocking, tracking protection and coin matching functions. The cryptocurrency-based business model offers users faster browsing speeds and a secure browsing experience.  Brave search engine, has more than 25 million users. One of the most important browsers and platforms on the list leading to Web 3.0.

It seems that Brave Browser will replace many search engines in the future. For example Google Chrome Web 2.0 The most preferred and loved search engine of my time. It is not certain that it will maintain the same popularity when decentralized applications come to the fore in the future.

Audius, is the first decentralized music platform with blockchain incentives for artists and listeners. Audius, sanatçılara çalışmalarını doğrudan hayranlarıyla paylaşma özgürlüğü sağlar. İçeriklerini sahiplenme ve yönetme özgürlüğü de sunar. Audius’ta gelirin %90’ı doğrudan hak sahiplerine akar.

User platform similar to Audius Spotify, The most used music platform of the current internet era. Since it does not have a decentralized infrastructure in the future, developers will Audius or similar decentralized platforms will stand out.

Decentralized Platforms Stand Out


The platform is supported by blockchain technology and is offered to users to create an independent, free environment. odyssey platform is a video sharing platform that allows users to create decentralized media library. Just as YouTube like… But Youtube Web 3.0 Since users choose decentralized platforms during the period, Odysee may be the most used video platform.


Presearch is a user-neutral, anonymous decentralized search engine. It allows users to search the internet safely and freely through search engines. It is a completely decentralized search engine that aims to reinvent web search by putting the power in the hands of users.


With Essentia One, your data remains yours. Decentralized, securely stored. You don't have to pay any fees to access or keep it there. It is a reliable medium for information, communication and transactions. It offers a whole ecosystem, including DApps and a secure storage system.


Nest, open source softwareis a platform that provides a fully compatible ecosystem of free tools and products. The Nest system is a blockchain ecosystem that provides a variety of tools, products and services. Developers can use free tools provided by Nest to easily develop their own applications. Users can also use products of the Nest ecosystem (such as DeFi) to meet their own needs.

Artificial Intelligence Applications That Will Grab Your Attention

artificial intelligence-programs that will attract your attention

  •  cleanvoiceis an artificial intelligence program that adds professional quality to your podcast or audio recording. 
  • beatoven.aiis a creative music composition service that uses advanced AI algorithms to compose and customize music for your video or podcast.
  • Ocayais a platform to create, auto-generate and schedule content faster.
  • Krispis a technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to remove background noise, interference, and echoes from all your calls.
  • via podcastis an AI-powered web platform that allows you to capture and edit studio-quality recordings.


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